the optional e is a Sydney based music blog dedicated to sharing our love of local and international music with our readers.

The blog was started at the end of 2012 as a personal blog, but it has developed (and is still developing!) into a grown-up music blog for the big kids.

We feature and interview artists, review singles and albums and highlight upcoming events in the local music scene.


At the optional e we currently have four writers, Naomie, Katerina, Sean and Madison - Sydney kids (except Sean, who's from Milwaukee, and Madison from Florida) and passionate about music.


About: I started this blog in December 2012 after the close of my previous blog. I wanted a new space to put up stuff and if you sift through the archives you'll probably notice that the earlier stuff was very random and rather confusing.
After a while, though, I realised that the blog was turning out to be mostly music reviews and the like anyway and decided to turn this into a full-time music effort. We're still growing but I'm loving what I'm doing here and I hope readers do too. :)

Favourite bands: Alpine, Cub Sport (they will always be Cub Scouts to me though), The Wombats, Pegasus Bridge (hurry up and re-form already!)

Best releases of 2013 so far: AM by Arctic Monkeys will probably still be rocked out to by angsty teens in 30 years' times, it's that transcending. The Paradise EP from Aussie band Cub Sport is like a massive Bubblegum Bill in soundwaves and Muse's The 2nd Law is just so sassy.

If you could meet a musician, it would be: David Bowie. Easily one of the most influential and innovative artists in my musical sphere. AND HE'S DAVID BOWIE. Or maybe Tom Odell because he's just so perfect. Or Murph from The Wombats. Or Zoe from Cub Sport. Or Oliver Sykes or Kurt Vile I JUST WANT IT ALL



About: I'm new to the blog scene, but I am very passionate about music. I grew up listening to my parent's music collection, which had scarred me for life and left me with a disastrous taste for classic rock and guitarists with long hair. I can also play Stairway To Heaven on three instruments (and not much more than that, mind you).

Favourite Bands: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Strypes, The White Stripes,  The Velvet Underground, anything else which is capable of providing me with an unhealthy dose of glitter and guitars.

Best releases of 2013 so far: The Next Day by David Bowie is definitely one of the greatest comeback albums - as well as albums in general - I have ever heard, and showed us that Ziggy can still fit into his sequined platform boots. Live At The BBC Volume 2 by The Beatles (recorded in 1965, but only released this year), New by Paul McCartney and Shangri La by Jake Bugg (swoon).

If you could meet a musician, it would be: Keith Richards, so that I could ask him his secret to surviving 50 years of the rock and roll lifestyle.



About: Haha I'm from the US oops. Raging homosexual with a knack for innuendo and sounding like an intelligent asshole. Reality is, I'm just an asshole. Puns are life. Chandler Bing is my spirit animal. You've made it this far on the about page, congrats.

Favourite Bands: Arctic Monkeys, The Gaslight Anthem, Young the Giant, Breaking Benjamin, Explosions in the Sky.

Best releases of 2013 so far: Idk man Bastille's "Bad Blood" and The 1975's eponymous started strong but ended weak, AM by Arctic Monkeys feels like leather pants in the Mojave Desert, Young the Giant's "Mind over Matter" is pretty bitching so far but I gotta go with Fall Out Boy's "Save Rock and Roll" just because the feels man.

If you could meet a musician, it would be: Aaron Fink of Breaking Benjamin pretty attractive plus you gotta love dat borderline screamo kids, either him or Brian Eno just because he's far too experienced in the music industry to not be an interesting person I mean from Harmonia to Coldplay that's a pretty sexy change in venue.

Woo Bio.


Madison Ra

About: Salutations, I am a stereotypical, some-what witty american teenage girl. I do a writing thing that most people call poetry. I also have an unhealthy obsession with skins and american horror story. 

Favourite Bands: Panic! at the disco, Of monsters and men, The xx, Bastille, Two Door Cinema Club, Daughter, Passion Pitt, Florence + the Machine, Phoenix, Wombats, Vampire Weekend, and honestly the list goes on.

Best Releases of 2013 so far: Team by the infamously hated Lorde gives me an eargasm listen, however, i would say this has to go to 'Say Something' by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera. Honestly i have never finished listening to that song with dry eyes, the feels man the feels.
If you could meet a musician, it would be: YOU CAN NOT MAKE ME CHOOSE JUST ONE! It would probably be Justin Vernon from Bon Iver because he is a lyrical genius, or Guy Berryman from coldplay because he is one hot tamale. I would of course have to meet my queen Marina because she is just so fierce. 

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