Monday, 26 August 2013


I'm reeling from the shock news that one of my favourite bands are changing their name!


Indie five-piece Cub Scouts from Brisbane have changed their name to Cub Sport over some legal dispute from Scouts Australia.

While this is kind of hilarious I guess it would be better for the band in the long run to switch to Cub Sport, although I don't think it has the same ring to it.

I probably won't change the articles on the blog to the new name though - it seems that even the band themselves haven't fully adjusted to the change!


I guess to console you all we can just listen to their new EP, 'Paradise'.


There is such promising Aussie music talent out there to be discovered, and today we're lucky enough to have a short Q & A with psych rock band 'Sweet Nothings'.

'Sweet Nothings' are a psychedelic dream pop band from Sydney, made up of dynamic duo JC Murray and Katie B. They draw inspiration from an eclectic assortment of influences - from Pixies to My Bloody Valentine to Jesus and the Mary Chain - leading to a delicious variety of electronic music from swirling, heady pop to dark moody psych rock.

Their track 'Bad Boyfriend' is a heavy song with aggressive, loaded guitar and wafty, ethereal vocals. We're absolutely loving the exciting juxtaposition of hardcore guitar with shoegaze and synth pop. In fact, when the track begins the forward motion of the guitars actually catch you a bit off guard - I was expecting more of a Tame Impala-esque sound - but it oddly meshes rather well with the shoegaze. Definitely a hot track to rock out to.

We were very lucky to get an interview with these guys, so here we go:
What's in a name?
Katie and I used to play in a band called Bang! Bang! Rock n Roll. She always wanted to sing with us but we always felt that her voice was too sweet sounding for our brand of garage punk rock. When the band broke up we were feeling despondent and useless, we felt like we were nothing, nobodies, etc. Eventually Katie and I started making songs together again and decided to call it Sweet Nothings. Pretty lame huh?

How did you guys start playing music (together as well as alone)?
Katie has been playing guitar and singing since she was 14, and was always a massive fan of PJ Harvey, Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails. I've been playing guitar since I was 19 when I first saw the White Stripes on the MTV music video awards and knew that's what I wanted to do. We met on New Years Eve 2005 and bonded straight away. We started our first band 'The Vignettes', put out 2 EP's and a Vinyl album, then formed 'Bang! Bang! Rock n Roll' a few years later, and now this! This is the first time we've worked together on songs from start to finish and it's pretty amazing.

Who are your major influences?
Pixies are definitely a major one. Their mix of genius pop and dark, crazy rock is utterly sublime. We used to be very influenced by garage bands like Ty Segall, The White Stripes, Jay Reatard, et al, but at the moment we really love a lot of spacey stuff: Pink Floyd, My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and the Mary Chain, Boards of Canada just to name a few.

Who writes the songs and what influences them?
We both contribute to songwriting. 'Bad Boyfriend' was inspired by a few situations. We had some friends who were all in relationships with controlling, selfish boyfriends; and we had these horrible next door neighbours who had massive domestic fights every night, so that's where that came from. We wrote 'Feeling Better' after both of us went through massive phases of depression, and thought we'd try and write a pop song about getting through it. Usually one of us will come up with a riff, then another will do some lyrics, then we'll pull ideas together and structure it and voila!

Where to from here?
Well we just started! At the moment we're just writing more songs and putting them up as they're completed. If we get popular enough we'll tour them and sell EP's and such, but in the meantime it's just free music we're putting out there for people to enjoy.

Why do you love making music (if you do!)?
Music is self expression at it's finest. Creating something that's yours is an amazing and fun process, and having it validated by people always helps. Even if we never go anywhere we'll always make music to vent, to have fun, and just to express ourselves as music lovers.

Any final questions, comments, pearls of wisdom or random trivia?
We once played with party animal Andrew WK and stole all his liquor from the green room... and we once got drunk with the saxophonist from INXS (Kirk Pangelli, legend!) at Luna Park, which we got kicked out of for being too drunk. We were party animals, but I think those days are behind us now... maybe...
Check out this edgy duo on Triple J Unearthed and their Facebook page.

Thursday, 22 August 2013



We're very excited to be bringing fresh new indie artist Imogen Jones to the blog!

Imogen is a young fifteen-year-old musician from Sydney (don't you just love good Australian music?) who crafts delicate melodies with thoughtful composition. She comes from a 'classical' music background - she is currently studying at the Conservatorium High School in Sydney - and combines formulaic structure with artful indie vigour.

Her newest song,'Numb', is intricately crafted with catchy electronic chords and short punchy percussion. Her airy vocals elegantly waft over the accompaniment, which lilted back and forth under a deliciously adventurous quintuple meter. It is a clean, crisp song executed with a certain intimacy.

We were extremely lucky to catch up with this talented young girl! Read our interview while you listen to 'Numb'.

How did you get into music?
I got into music when I was in 7 years old in primary school- there was a "junior violin group" that a couple of my friends were in, and I begged and begged my parents until they agreed to let me start learning violin. After a few weeks of playing in that group, I began to find it boring having to play the same simple pieces over and over again, so my mum sent me to a real violin teacher. It was she who really got me into violin and music, and ended up helping me get into the Conservatorium High School (a selective music high school in Sydney).

How did you begin songwriting?
I had my first attempts at songwriting about 2 years ago, shortly after I had started listening to more 'alternative' pop/rock music obsessively. After learning how to play the songs I loved, I wanted to have a go at writing my own. However, it's only this year that I started writing songs seriously.
Who are your main influences and musical heroes?
Well, to be honest, I don't have just a few musical heroes, there's a huge variety- I'd be lying if I didn't include my favorite classical composers such as Beethoven, Bach, Stravinsky, Debussy, Shostakovitch (sic) (and the list goes on)- but in terms of pop/rock music, I'd say Radiohead, Grimes and Florence + the Machine are my current 'heroes'. Florence + the Machine is the first artist I listened to that began to really shape my personal taste in music.

The artists I'm currently listening to the most that are having the strongest influence on my own music are Grimes, Sarah Blasko, Radiohead, Alt-J, Daughter, and Alpine.

What do you think of all the younger musicians nowadays?
Well I go to a school full of young musicians, and the majority of them are pretty great people with their own unique way of being passionate about music. However, we're a very classical-music focused school, so that doesn't speak for the majority of young musicians. I'm actually pretty disappointed with the direction the most popular, mainstream music is heading in (don't get me started on One Direction and Nicki Minaj) but when I found Triple J Unearthed, I was really impressed at the huge number of young people on there making good, interesting music- especially how good some of the other high school kids were. Then again, this is just my personal taste in music.

Where do you want to go with your music in the future?
My ultimate dream is to play in an orchestra like the Sydney Symphony, and on the side release my own songs and do gigs around the place. I'm really keen on learning how to perform in the style of Grimes - using equipment such as a looping pedal and a sampler to create a huge range of layered sounds live. My next current goal is to record and upload a few more songs, and eventually make my own music video.
Check out Imogen's music at triple j unearthed here, visit her on Youtube and keep your eyes peeled for new releases!


To start off I am extremely sorry my lovely readers for abandoning you for two weeks (!!) but all I can say is that I've been rather busy. But not to worry! We're very lucky to have had a little chat with the fabulous indie dance-pop act Colorstarr. Colorstarr are an infectious, summery band from both Sydney and L.A., consisting of Sydney based singer/songwriter Wilson O, L.A. based bass player/producer Kristian Attard as well as drummer Paris Jeffree and guitarist Marc Mallouf. Their music has been featured on hit TV drama Offspring and MTV UK's 'In The Crowd'. They actually have a gig tomorrow at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney, spreading their sunny vibes and promising some very good dancing. 

We're very pleased have had the wonderful opportunity of having a Q & A with Wilson from Colorstarr! Here is the transcript:
What's in a band name? - tell us where your band's name came from?

The band name came from a fairly interesting kooky friend of ours. He is quite the character & he has this project called Slicker Cities where it's a graphic novel about a Stock broker who time travels with this rock that looks like a star! It's a time traveling device called the "Colorstarr" & I jumped at the opportunity to ask him if we could use that name as it's dope & he agreed. Slicker Cities also has a remix on this EP, so we are all connected through this time traveling device!! We like to time travel a lot you see (lol).

Tell us who the members of the band are and how you came together:

The members are Kristian (Bass & producer), Marc (Guitars), Paris(drums) & myself on the vox & songwriting duties. Kristian & I have been friends for many many years, been through a lot and were signed in a rock band in LA 6 or 7 years ago... When that fell through we had a little bit of a falling out for a few years, then re-connected as we both valued our friendship (obviously) and then started getting back to what we do best which is writing and creating. Marc we have known for some time as well and played in a few bands together in the circuit over the years & knew that he is the only guy in the country for this band - and our prayers were answered when he said yes to joining us! Paris I met on a gig when she came to fill in for another drummer - and man, as soon as I heard her, I was like "this girl is special!!!" She knows hows to lay it down... and that's basically how Colorstarr was formed! The other drummer did get fired by the way ha ha...

Do you have any artists or bands that inspire you? Why?

We are definitely inspired by a lot of genres and artists. Kristian and I both came up in the Sydney music scene playing in Soul/R&B bands. We eventually started experimenting with rock, dance and French electronic music especially - that's how I think the sound of Colorstarr was created. Some of those artists that we are inspired by would have to be Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Terence Trent D'Arby, Donny Hathaway, The Beatles, Beck, Friendly Fires, Phoenix, Justice, Jamaica & Daft Punk. 

Who writes your songs?

Kristian & I wrote the material up till now. But on the next EP we will be getting the rest of the guys involved in the process as Marc is a fully fledged writer in his own right & it will be good to create some new music from the ground up with all of us jamming it out in the studio. Sometimes I find this process can also deliver some amazing songs that you never knew you could create!

Where do you want Colorstarr to go in the future?

I see Colorstarr doing a lot of touring, as that's what we love to do - it's one thing to create music in a studio and be locked away for ages, but man the feeling on the stage... you can never begin to comprehend how amazing it is! Lots of touring, lot's of record sales & lot's of happiness is what I see for us for the coming future!

Any last comments you'd like to leave us with...?

Yes thank you so much for having us & giving us the opportunity to share our new music through your channels - we are pretty much ready for you now world!!! So come in & join us for the ride, it's going to be one hell of a time travel!! 

Colorstarr's eponymous EP is available on iTunes now.

Monday, 5 August 2013


Today was the highly anticipated announcement of the Triple J Unearthed High finalists for 2013!
Congratulations to Lunatics On Pogosticks (NSW), Cypher (QLD), Under Scarlet Skies (VIC), Vancouver Sleep Clinic (QLD), Jaysways (NSW) and When We Were Small (VIC). These six talented acts have blown us all away with the brilliance of their songs.

My favourite act however has got to be When We Were Small with their catchy indie pop-rock. It's so energetic and easy to listen to.

I was actually listening out in the morning and religiously checking during any breaks I had to see who the finalists were. The anticipation of the finalists was almost overshadowed by the anticipation of the new Doctor.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Peter Capaldi.

SHRIEK! After the jumpy liveliness of the lovely David Tennant and the quirky barminess of Matt Smith, we were getting used to these younger Doctors. Even beginning to enjoy them (and OTP them with their companions). But now any sort of ship will probably be classified under unlawful carnal knowledge.

He was in Skins (and Sid was in the series so it would've been a good series) but I am going to be contemptuous and refuse to accept this Doctor until he shows us what he is made of. I'm only being like this because I really hoped that the Time Lord would be a multiracial woman. It would've made for good telly, okay?


On music releases, I've been a bit slack but here's the lowdown:

Indie darlings Cub Scouts released their new 'Paradise' EP on August 2, featuring the Triple J hit 'Paradise'. This is such a promising EP, showcasing the stellar vocals of Tim Nelson and adding such fantastic developments on the future classic sounds of Cub Scouts. Listen to the single 'Paradise' here on Soundcloud.
I cannot wait to see them support Jinja Safari on their tour in September. They'll be in Sydney on the 21 September at the Metro (all ages). Neo-soul artist Okenyo will also be supporting.

Also, Sydney dream-poppers Cloud Control drop their sophomore release this week, titled 'Dream Cave'. The singles released from the album and the highly promising Triple J Like A Versions have amounted to huge anticipation from fans and newcomers alike. You can listen to it streamed at Triple J here or wait till Friday August 9 for the full release. Ah!

'Scar' is one of my favourite songs of the month. Hear it below.

I think I'm beginning to deviate a little from the Music Hauls and Songs Of The Week but I kind of like this new arrangement :) leave a comment if you have any suggestions! Till then, take care. Garnier.

Sunday, 4 August 2013


I'm sure all of you have had a good perusal of the Big Day out 2014 lineup.
If not, here it is.

We have heavyweights Pearl Jam, Arcade Fire and Blur who I am so ecstatic knowing that I WILL BE BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS THEM HOLY MOLY.

I'm actually so excited for the new Arcade Fire release - their music has matured and developed so astoundingly that their upcoming record pretty much promises perfection.

I'm pretty happy seeing a few great Aussie acts on here - Tame Impala, Kingswood, Loon Lake and DZ Deathrays - and was very pleased to see that those crazy kids from across the pond, The Naked And Famous, are going to be here too.

The announcement of the lineup was almost right on the heels of the end of Splendour which had equally talented acts. In fact, I don't see why all the festival promoters don't just huddle together and throw a kind of massive music festival which spans all of Spring and Summer. That would actually be the best. AT CHRISTMAS THEY CAN PLAY EPIC CAROLS!

BodyMusic - AlunaGeorge

To other news, the fresh duo of AlunaGeorge released their highly anticipated debut album, 'BodyMusic'. Filled with seductive bass lines and the spectacular vocals, this is not to be missed.

Honestly, I've never been a huge R&B girl. I still love to jam out to Destiny's Child and TLC but nowadays the scene has become a bit bland. But not to worry - AlunaGeorge are out to fix that.

The British pair - Aluna Francis and George Reid - wonderfully marry the rhythmic flexibility of dance music with the old soul of R&B. However, the record is almost assertively its own, flaunting its original pop with cool vibes.

Formed in 2009, this duo has only gone up. They've been featured in the US series of Skins, made a pretty cool vid for 'You Know You Like It' in 2011 and are booked to play the Pitchfork festival in Paris this November. They are one of three contenders for the Brits Critics' Choice Awards and on the longlist for the BBC's Influential Sound of 2013 poll. Whatever they are doing, they must be doing it well.

And so they are. 'You Know You Like It', released in 2011, is a hazy, dreamy piece cleanly grounded by Aluna's spectacular vocals. Ringing with a delicious accent, it contrasts so well with the fuzzy, twisting sounds that George artfully warps. Really, it's impeccable music to dance/listen/try and sing along to.

These two sound so promising, and I cannot wait to see their sound progress further. I can only imagine how spectacular it would be if they took a darker sound... But I guess the beauty of AlunaGeorge is that they do whatever the hell they want. Loving it.

Have a listen to the first song from the record, 'Attracting Flies', here:
Buy their album from any good music store (like Getmusic! Love them.)