Saturday, 27 July 2013


Happy birthday to Mick Jagger. If I can still be worshipped by women around the world when I'm 70, I'll be happy.

But Davick Jagwie is always going to be a thing. Always.

I also wanted to express how horribly sad I was to finally get the email notifying me of Jake Bugg's secret Sydney show TO FIND OUT I HAD MISSED IT AND CHECKED MY EMAIL TOO LATE.

Turns out he was playing at The Rocks Square at 1 p.m. Yesterday. Excuse me while I go and kiss the floor he stood on.

In the meantime I've found some lovely songs that I had to share with you all.

In particular here is one by Ever Isles.

Ever Isles is the project of Kaitlyn Aureilia Smith, with gentle 'dream folk' that's set to capture listeners. The song 'In A Cave' is the third track on the album 'Cocoon'. 'In A Cave' won the 2011 Blue Microphones Songwriting Competition (and for good reason too!)

The vocal arrangement with the delicate guitar is exquisite, resulting in the most beautiful dreamy feel.

The voices are layered with such an effect that it's like she's singing underwater. Or in a cave.

The poignant mood and otherworldly tone of the song have such a likeable, quirky ambiance.

Have a listen to it here.

Buy the album from Bandcamp here.

Also, just wanted to let you know that the blog has an Instagram account now! All you hipsters (that's all you readers) follow @theoptionale. Pwetty pweese?

Monday, 22 July 2013


This week's song is actually a remix of a Young Dreams song - it's 'Footprints' (Naysayer and Gilsun Remix).

I've never had a strong interest in electronic remixes because I'm not exactly a guru in the art of remixing - I don't even know the basic logistics of it all.

However, it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy listening to them; I really love hearing my favourite songs getting turned into dreamy waftiness or throbbing dance music or wah wah groove.

This remix is of 'Footprints' which is already a really good song. With very earthy, almost Jinja Safari-esque drumming, the dreamy bliss of Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective and the jaunty harmonies of the Beach Boys, the Between Places album is a very good release.

The remix is wafty and open, then at 1:07 enters this throbbing groove that is impossible to resist. It's smooth sailing from here, with tasteful transgressions and segues. Exploring different motifs, this exquisitely crafted remix extends on an already very artful, clever song.

Listen and download it here from Soundcloud, and purchase the Footprints - EP here on iTunes (AU).

This is the original song.

Sunday, 21 July 2013


I've been smugly asking people how they've spent their weekend so far, so that when the question is put back on to me I can say that I went to a record fair.

At First Sight was a lovely fair, with heaps and heaps of vinyls (there were actually so many) and some really good local bands playing sets.

The actual Carriageworks site was pretty cool - Wilson Street in Eveleigh (which was off King Street) and it had this really gritty industrial feel to it.

The bands playing kind of varied in their appeal - I found some to be really spot on and polished while others weren't really to my taste. Best set of the day I feel went to Client Liaison, although Day Ravies and Twerps were fantastic as well.

This was actually the coolest gig around. There were heaps of bands playing:
but I personally prefer more vocal than electronic acts. Super Wild Horses was really quite good but I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Holy Balm.
I did find some amazing Beatles records (still in the shrinkwrap hey!) but I actually didn't buy anything. I was planning on grabbing this Debbie Harry single and a David Bowie/Mick Jagger single (Dancing In The Street) but honestly I was really there just for a browse. I'll get another turntable and then just 

An entire box of Bowie records?!

There were actually heaps of people there although I was a little intimidated by the fact that I was probably the youngest person there. There were a few junior kids helping their parents sell the records, but to my surprise I saw no one of discernible high school age.
I was a bit let down because I won wristbands through Concrete Playground but I arrived a bit too late to claim them. Never mind.
Carriageworks is a pretty cool venue and now that I know the place I'll probably pop by with some friends or whoever and see the other events they hold there.
I'd love to hear the history of the place though so I might lobby Michael of Past Lives/Near Future to do an article. Keep your eyes peeled, people.

Monday, 15 July 2013


Hi guys! Here we have yet another Music Haul for you, so enjoy :)

Catherine Traicos - Drunk On Your Breath

There is simply nothing quite like when you discover a really good new artist.

But even this isn't as good as finding an artist you discovered years ago but lost/forgot.
Catherine is one of these artists. (Others are MGMT, Bag Raiders and Architecture In Helsinki. Darn them electronic acts - it seems that typing in beep boop blerp into Google doesn't have the same effects as song lyrics.)

Her smoky, crooning voice captures you quicker than you can say her name (which actually took me a while because the ai dipthong is more often than not a very beguiling mystery.)

In fact, I find the bulk of her work a beguiling mystery - beautifully crafted and performed, but it is enjoyed more when you try to unravel the delicious tunes and lyrics.

Here is 'Drunk On Your Breath'. Buy her music from the label An Ocean Awaits here. And the tote bag looks so good.

The Swiss - Elouisa

Bringing back disco with a spectacular vibrancy, The Swiss make impossibly danceable tunes (even for me!)

The shrill vocals push the throbbing bass down with energy, and when the chorus comes back around you know you're hooked.

The feel good, summery vibe of the song has done an awesome job of keeping me bopping through this disgusting rainy weather lately. In fact, the entire EP (which is Elouisa, two remixes and Peach Pit) has such a good feel I am simply dying for Spring and Summer.

Here is 'Elouisa'. Buy it here from iTunes or here from the uber-cool Kitsuné. Seriously. This label is my life (albeit rather expensive. Maybe it's my life if I sold my kidneys or something.)

Van She - Jamaica

I'm still in a bit of a dancey mood so here is my dance jam of 2012 from one of my favourite dance artists. Van She have this rich, luxurious sound that effortlessly combines dance and electronica with experimental indie.

The opening riff and recurring motif of this song, the marimba ostinato, really sets off the Jamaican, exotic aura of the song. It's not so much a song by the chorus but a bright soundscape with the most inspiring, powerful vocals.

The chorus is fun and easy to sing along to (but not in that really creepy Aussie pub karaoke style. Think more anthemic. Or party sing along.) It's fresh, tropical and oh-so-catchy.

This song is fantastic to play at when you're chilling with friends at the beach, or if you're lucky enough to have one, in a convertible with the windows down as you drive down a highway. Not in Sydney of course - highways are more like free parking nowadays.

Here is 'Jamaica', man. Buy it here from Modular People.

Cloud Control - There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight

I've been listening to this song as I earnestly await the ocean release of their second album, 'Dream Cave'. The lilting, easy melodic pop of the band has such a strange, otherworldly quality to it, which draws you in and is so beautifully addictive.

The music is exciting, exhilarating and beautifully crafted. It has depth and is grounded, yet the innovative melodies and vocals are a breath of fresh air. The music is rich in texture without being too heavy handed with production or sickeningly decadent.

I was really hoping to catch them in September but since I also have my eye on Jinja Safari a week later (with Cub Scouts supporting) I think I'm going to have to make a very difficult decision. Yet Cloud Control are still such a fresh act, and with such an original, recognisable sound, I think they have the makings of a future classic.

Buy 'There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight' or the album, 'Bliss Release' (2010) here from Ivy League Records.


Today was the most mind-numbingly boring day.

I have to get ready to go back to school so that pretty much warrants a twenty-four hours of non-stop boredom.

It's been an odd three weeks and I guess I would've been glad to see my friends again if I hadn't seen them in a social situation some nineteen hours ago.

I've been doing a bunch of random things for the last few hours - which Beatles wife are you tests (I got Linda McCartney! Yessssssssss - I'm just glad I didn't get Yoko or Heather), searching up cool cafés in Sydney (apparently there is a very nice one in West Ryde called element6 which turns out to be owned by someone we know) and watching the oh-so-addictive reality television that's on (The Block is so hilarious and The Great Australian Bake Off isn't too shabby either. Masterchef is getting a little repetitive but Hamish and Andy probably takes the trophy for plain entertainment.)

And of course, I've been listening to music.

Cub Scouts released their new single onto Youtube about a week ago and in four days you will be able to buy it! Woo!

Have a listen in the meantime. They'll be playing at Splendour and also supporting Jinja Safari on the 21st September at the Metro. I WANT TO GO MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE ARGH.
Well, enjoy, my lovely readers.

Sunday, 14 July 2013


I don't even know. This week is probably going to be a really dodgy week and I'm completely ambivalent about it because I get to see my friends again but I have to go back to school and I have a party in about twenty minutes but I completely wrecked last night when I was really mean to someone because I was trying to support someone else and I am so excited with all the new music I have but I don't have time to listen to it and it's my friend's birthday today and I don't have credit to text her.

Happy birthday Lillian.

Also I just found out my friend almost died. Great. On top of the fact that I'll never speak to a friend again because I was extremely rude to him and his parents. But then I had the best conversation with a friend I haven't talked to in ages. And a close friend and I sorted out something that's been troubling her for ages.



To find out more about Tavi, take a look at this article here.


But back to business.
I think I'll just leave you guys with a song. Here is Oceanics' 'Chinatown (Is Not Newtown) from their Bright People EP.
Love this song. Stay cool. 

Friday, 12 July 2013


So I'm back with another little video for all of you lovely readers :) But I might quickly review some of the movies I've seen as of late.

Well I've seen a few movies and whatnot - my friends and I went to see The Great Gatsby. I found it really frustrating, though, how Baz's interpretation relied so heavily on visual splendour and didn't let the narrative do anything. The book is witty, insightful and the story should just flow by itself, carrying the plot and characters nicely. Instead, the visuals were lovely and lavish but at the expense of the story development. Honestly, all the characters felt the same at the end. I knew the plot well yet I found sections dragging on and on and on - at least it had a bit of suspense for me. My friends either loved it (the soundtrack was fantastic) or thought it was terrible (it lacked drive, slugged along and was way too long for the meagre plot - we were checking our watches often). I continually asked myself when the movie would end, and when I was revving myself up with excitement for the big bang at the end, all the excitement just fizzled out.
Gatsby had a spectacular soundtrack (I even liked the Lana song! Holy moly!) and the acting wasn't too shabby either - Leo did a splendid job of portraying the naïve, illusioned Gatsby, and Toby Maguire's casting was pretty spot on for me. Carey Mulligan was a bit too 'wafty' for me - Daisy was a girl with her head in the clouds, yes, but she knew that she was really just leading Gatsby along. Jordan Baker could've been explored more but otherwise she was well cast too.
So I guess I can say it wasn't too bad a movie but it went for such a long time that I can't help but feel it was a bit of a waste of two hours and twenty minutes. Three stars out of five.

I also went to watch Monsters University and I didn't find it too bad either. However, it lacked a clear message that the first movie had - part of the original's beauty was its painful parallels drawn with the real world. This movie still had poignant moments, although at least in the original parents and children both got deep lessons from the film. This new film feels much more kid orientated (well, it is a kid's movie. I mean that it doesn't offer any mature insights, just the boring old recycled Pixar fable stuff.)
It had a sappy, but cute short film preceding it - The Blue Umbrella. The cinematography was lovely and the mood was conveyed well. It had nothing to do with the movie and I quickly forgot it.
Monsters University wasn't boring, but it didn't seem too different from all those new cartoons out there. It was wonderful seeing Mike and Sully again (and I do hope to see them again) but they need to work on the old charm the movie lacked. Three out of five.

Now here is a short film that I found on an Avant Card postcard - I collect postcards and stick them up on my wardrobe door.
'I Have Your Heart' is a bumbling tale that's probably promoting equality (which I am still quite iffy about. Let's ignore that for a sec.) The illustrations and setting are deliciously dark yet the accordion does get pretty annoying by the end of the film.
It's only four minutes so here we have 'I Have Your Heart'. The lady is beautiful though - those lips and THAT HAIR ah and I also have a thing for open heart surgery. And the lyrics are just adorable - I have your heart, it beats inside, it's only three inches wide, I have your heart I have your heart I have your heart. ahhhhhhh cuteness overload

There we have this Reeling Stone. K bye.


Monday, 8 July 2013


It came to my attention that quite a lot of bands and artists are releasing new albums.

Whether that is a result of many years of careful songwriting or a mad scramble for cash after going bankrupt, I don't know.

Actually bands release albums all the time but I just never pay attention. Haha.

But let's go.

The Weight of Your Love - Editors

So the new release that kind of kickstarted this post is 'The Weight of Your Love' by Editors.

Aside from the really cheesy band name, it's a dark, intricate album with soundscapes that just submerge the listener. I really enjoyed the track 'A Ton of Love' (ew spelling though) with it's soaring, belting vocals. The jumpy bass really adds to it, like it does in the easy-to-listen 'Formaldehyde', which has a really catchy chorus ('formaldehyyyyyyyde').

It was only released three days ago (on the 5th) but I don't think people will pounce on it immediately - it'll sound so much better in retrospect. It's a cracker album, don't get me wrong, but I can't see it catching like wildfire just yet. Think I'd give it three and a half stars - the songs sort of meld a bit too closely.

Even the Stars Are a Mess - Whitley

After the beauty of 'Go Forth' and 'The Submarine', Lawrence Greenwood has returned with a smokey, intimate album. This exquisite work has such delicate songs, from the poignant, lyrical 'TV' to the pleading 'I Am Not A Rock'.

Whitley's voice has just matured and is now so truthful and intoxicating. This is definitely a good album.

This was released on the same day as the Editors album but I think it will settle into Triple J airplay pretty well - it's timeless music. Relaxing yet heartfelt. Probably a four stars.

The Beginning and the End of Everything - Josh Pyke

Josh Pyke has a lovely voice and all but I've never been much of a fan of his mainly because his songs don't stick in my head that well. Even his voice isn't exactly distinctive (say, like Florence Welch) so even though I enjoy his songs when I listen I can't pick them out too well. However, this album has really highlighted his diversity and I think it could definitely pick things up.

The short, sweet 'Bug Eyed Beauty' is channels a bit of bluegrass and folk, which only continues in the song 'Leeward Side' with its harmonica. This album definitely has a very folky, country-ish feel (which I normally don't listen to - I hate country) but at least Josh's voice alleviates the pain.

This new direction made me listen to his older stuff in more depth and I can say I prefer his older, indie rock music more than this brand new shift.

The more folky Josh Pyke is still palatable but I can't help but feel his older material is easier to identify with and really appreciate - it sticks more easily and brings out Josh's lovely voice more.

Sex Games - Diviney

Ah, the solo project of Shaun Diviney. You may remember him from that punk band Short Stack, but this is totally different.

I honestly couldn't find anything on this album that really stood out for me as brilliant - there were snippets here are there in some songs that I enjoyed but that didn't really last for long.

Some songs start out quite promising but then descend into a bit of a repetitive, uninspired mess. 'Skeleton' is alright I guess, and 'Sex Games' pulls itself through although I really think this album is a pristine specimen that sex sells. The songs become so repetitive they sound like they were written by a bunch of Year 7s in their pop music topic.

I guess this could be palmed off as one of those generic albums you get when a pop artist tries to crossover into rock and be all hardcore and indie and whatever but when you fronted a fresh, exciting punk band then tried to cross into pop it just becomes a hot mess.

I really can't give this album more than a three so I think I'll settle for a two and a half stars. Sorry, mate. It's so predictable.
Just saying the above is not from his new album, it's an old Short Stack song. I just thought that would be much better than his new stuff.

Melody Pool released her album Xavier this week, and of course we had the Arctic Monkeys song here.
We also got a great, quirky new song from Architecture in Helsinki called 'In The Future' - I really hope their new album is as good as they say it will be. Their previous record 'Moment Bends' was fantastic but seeing the new song with a string section, I am very excited.
Boy & Bear released that new track but honestly all their songs are starting to sound like that formulaic twangy folk (take the hint Josh Pyke).
The new Glass Towers album is also pretty good - 'Halcyon Days' is exactly what you'd expect it to be. Warm, nostalgic, optimistic pop, I really quite enjoyed it.

So there's the new releases! Look at me now; I am keeping up with the hip young people! :D


So the decades hauls are over but that's okay because I intend to do some really kooky-themed hauls some time.

Even though it's the middle of winter we've had some stunning days where every hour is like the Golden Hour and the sun is streaking through all the leaves and the breeze is light and you just want to run up to an old friend on the beach then give them a hug all while listening to Fix You by Coldplay with your hair flowing down your back and all that Foxtel-esque glossiness.

Sure, it's been bucketing. But I seriously hope all of spring is like this - golden and magical and unicorny.

The rain was incessant for about a week and my dad was getting so frustrated (he hates the rain and the cold) but then the sun came out and I'm going to make the most of this weather (apparently tomorrow might rain. boo.)

This haul is going to start off with a really groovy song.

Lovely Day - Bill Withers

Bill has the most epic voice ever (he sings that Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone) and all the songs he has performed are really lovely. This is a little funky number which is so ridiculously catchy (the lovely day lovely day lovely day mantra through the song does get really irritating after a while) that I can see the Village People bopping to as they visit a wind farm on a sunny day with their picnic baskets and tequila.

That was strange. Carry on reading your books.
YOU GOTTA LOVE THAT AFRO HAIR DO.......... gurrrrrrrrl poot ya rehkords on

Ok. Next song.

Ray Tsa - Electric Feel (MGMT cover)

This has got to be one of the most covered songs ever. Everywhere I look somebody covers it. Katy Perry has, it's been covered on Triple J, I think Gabrielle Aplin covered it, people remix it all the time - there are a lot of covers and remixes out there.

And of course there are some really bad ones (shudder) but even some of the palatable guitary acoustic covers get lost in the swamp of versions out there. There are some really nice soft covers but when there's thousands of them it's really hard to find good ones.

I found a good one.

Ray is the voice of The Sweet Apes, a post-hardcore band from Sydney or something or other. They're very good. Ray is amazing.
She's like Hayley Williams but with a more raw, rock-y voice and this arrangement is simply perfect. If anyone is good with these things TAB IT OR CHORD IT PEOPLE.

K enjoy.

Sam Berridge - Twice (Little Dragon cover)

So we met the most amazingly talented Sam Berridge when we did the London Grammar song two weeks ago but I thought I might feature another of his wonderful covers.
Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon has such a stunning voice especially when she slips down to the low notes in this song. Sam has a stunning voice when he bounces around the higher registers (which isn't that high but oh well).
There are two versions of this cover (a Soundcloud one and a Youtube one) but I prefer the Youtube one - I just like how it's a little more grainy and not-so-polished.
Here it is. Swooning mode activate.

Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles

Well when the sun first came out after the rain I was so excited I simultaneously cried tears of joy and exploded (because I am a creature of the night, you know, so sunlight kind of makes me sparkle.)

That's right. But it was also Ringo's birthday PEACE AND LOVE so I felt inclined to do a Beatles song.
Speaking of which I MISSED THE 3RD OF JULY 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF ZIGGY STARDUST'S DEATH I spent the entire time tossing up whether to do it on the Australian July 3 or David's July 3 and I just ended up missing it but uh what do the young people say oh yeah yeloswig. Something like that.
Did you know that the first time I heard this song it was actually being performed by Georgie Parker on some ad for Play School? Play School was the most pathetic thing ever unless they were cooking but I liked Hi-5 and The Wiggles better.

Copthrone King's - Justice For The Damned

Ok I know many of you guys will not enjoy this song because you think it's accursed and it's anathema and people that listen to it should be burnt at the stake but honestly it's really good. The laughing at the beginning and the triangle in the interlude make this such a hilarious, clever song, and there is no need to hate on metal. It's energetic, powerful and rather exhilarating.
Here it is. But if you have really scary parents I wouldn't play it too loudly otherwise they'll try to spray your computer with holy water (not recommended).
See? You survived. I think everyone kind of dislikes this music when they first hear it (unless you were raised in a metalhead family) but when you really listen and get into it it's quite beautiful.
So there we have our haul. Tomorrow I'm seeing Gatsby! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH carey mulligan


I know, I know - this song was released on the 19 June (which is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago) but I am just so excited for AM's release. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

And the song is amazing.


The song sounds a lot like R U Mine but just slower - it could've come off Suck It And See. I'm really happy that it's such a great song but I was kind of hoping for them to take off in a new dimension, maybe explore some new styles. Maybe not djent (EW DJENT) but it could be a bit experimental. We'll just have to see.


Not as dreamy as Tom Odell but I don't care. Oh my foodness.

The song is driving and strong with the vox just getting in there and giving the whole song a good wiggle and punch. I'm going to be quiet now and leave you with this.

Thursday, 4 July 2013


This is the last of the themed Music Hauls (for now!) and we are topping it off with the wonderful 80s.
Personally I would love more than anything to throw an 80s themed birthday party where everyone wears neon with big hair and rollerblades or dresses up like Madonna or Boy George or George Michael or Curious George or the 5th, 6th and 7th Doctors. We woud watch The Goonies and 16 Candles and Say Anything and Beetlejuice and The Princess Bride and The Golden Child and Heathers and Pretty In Pink and Ferris Bueller's Day Off and every Brat Pack movie. We'd eat whatever junk food they ate and listen to old music and I'd probably turn the door into a Delorean or TARDIS or something - even a Xanadu-esque wall with the Muses and stuff. Sigh.

Here are my songs of the 80s. Yayayayaya.

Outdated song number one: Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me

The massive song from the Breakfast Club which had a new lease of life with that Pitch Perfect movie, this is a classic. It's anthemic (think Imagine Dragons) with low notes that ring Foreigner and it's the most amazing song to bop to (She Bop. hehe.) I think one of the most recognised bits of the song are the two power chords at the beginning, when you're like I KNOW THIS SONG. *proceeds to astound everyone with smug knowledge of old songs*

I sadly admit loving that moment when you recognise a song no one else does.

Often my friends then follow up with some snide comment on being a hipster. Who cares yolo swag luvin lyf don't judge.

Here is the song. Also it would be the best funeral song.

Outdated song number two: Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)

Ah, the famous song sung by teenagers all over the world. Hate school? Hate adults? Hate structure? Hate having to eat all your vegetables? This song is for you. The idiosyncratic album art is seen absolutely everywhere nowadays - I remember seeing this boy with a Beatles style mushroom haircut and a Pink Floyd shirt. Everyone thought he was this massive dag, which he was.

The video gets really creepy, especially when the kids go through the meat grinder. The Wall would actually be a pretty cool thing to watch at an 80s party, maybe with Poltergeist as well.

Outdated song number three: Blondie - Call Me

Easily the biggest song in their career, I first heard this song as a wee little one when we still played karaoke on our original Xboxes. It wasn't even that long ago but I'm going to pretend it is.

The driving, rolling guitars lay a strong foundation for Deborah Harrie's SPECTACULAR vocals which go from rock goddess to New Wave waftiness to Joe Dassin French. Okay. Maybe not Joe Dassin.

Blondie actually came to Australia last year I think and I was absolutely gutted not to go. Honestly, so many great artists come but I always miss them or something silly and I want to cry. Beach Fossils are coming! AND I AM BUSY THAT DAY ugh. help. call me.

Outdated song number four: Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradise

I remember my friends found it a bit strange how on inspection, they saw that Phil Collins was alongside Pegasus Bridge and Phoenix in my music library. But his voice and songwriting is just spectacular.
Another Day In Paradise is about Phil's experience with the homeless while on tour - seeing all the homeless people in a so called 'paradise' inspired the song.
I'm not a big fan of his daughter Lily Collins (the actress) but otherwise his drumming is great. And do you guys remember that hilarious Cadbury ad where the gorilla drummed along to 'In The Air Tonight'? Too funny.
It's better than those Sarah Ellen style eyebrows. Ugh, Sarah Ellen.

Outdated song number five: Queen - Another One Bites The Dust

So Queen are one of the greatest bands ever. Freddie Mercury has one of the most iconic voices ever. Their hairstyles are the most cringeworthy of all the 80s bands. And this song has one of the most well known basslines ever.
You know how pretty much everyone who can independently navigate to triple j knows the bassline to Seven Nation Army (by The White Stripes)? This is their hipstery parents' equivalent. But then again there's also the 'Under Pressure' bassline (with David Bowie ahhh) which everyone knows from 'Ice Ice Baby'. Oh, the pains of 80s rap. Have mercy.
Enjoy this iconic song. Also, your parents might join in or even worse, start parent dancing.

Outdated song number six: Roxette - The Look

So the radio station I listen to on a daily basis happens to play 80% 80s music and I am constantly bombarded with music that's going to be played in nursing homes very soon.
This song is the most catchy song ever (this guitar riff ruthlessly sticks inside your head and wiggles around like a good earworm) yet the vocals are so powerful and have that quintessential 80s feel.
The lyrics are rather silly but I don't mind. This is the era of mullets. They're bound to mess with your brain.

Outdated song number seven: Men at Work - Who Can It Be Now?

Men at Work are probably the second biggest music act to come out of Australia, after AC/DC. Yeah yeah, everyone's always trying to claim the Bee Gees and Gotye and Olivia Newton John but let's be real, guys. But then again, Colin Hay did emigrate from Scotland anyway. Go home Naomie you're drunk. But wait! I'm not drunk or baked! I'm sxe!


There are actually so so many songs that I would tag in this post - the constant 80s music has made my brain simply soak up all these songs like a sponge.

But do not fear! I'll add some of the really good songs into other music hauls, into songs of the week and anything really :) till then dears.


NEWSFLASH: CUB SCOUTS PREMIERED THEIR NEW SONG 'PARADISE' ON TUESDAY ON TRIPLE J AND IT WAS THE MOST PERFECT THREE MINUTES OF MY LIFE but unfortunately before a really annoying Novocaines song was playing so that kinda wrecked it. But TIMMMMMMMM and Zoe and Sam and Andrew and Dan.

So my dears I've been extremely slack on keeping up with posts and all that and as a result I'm losing readers even more quickly than I'm losing friends.

New readers think I'm like this:
Current readers KNOW I'm like this:
And the rest of the world:
Big Brian's house sounds like so much fun.
Ok. But seriously if you like the blog please pass it onto a friend. I'm not making a living off this or anything but it would be amazing if people read it and all that bleh bleh bleh.

Bleh bleh bleh.


So let's get to this week's song.
I was really conflicted as to which song to pick for this week because a lovely person directed me to Justice For The Damned and they're amazing. In fact I've picked up heaps of new songs this week but I'm soooooo not bothered to put them all up and all.
But nevermind! (breaks into Nirvana and becomes Frances Bean Cobain)
This week's song is from last year so it's not fresh off the press, but who cares?
It's 'Yet Again' by Grizzly Bear from their album 'Shields'.
The lyrics, combined with the haunting verses, is so touching and poignant. It's utter beauty. The tone is cool yet not cold and is a bit of a pleading yet pleasing song. Love love love.
Here you are dearies!

It's 5 minutes though, but it passes so quickly! Time flies when you're eating.