Thursday, 27 June 2013


This week's song is Hey Now by London Grammar.

Hannah Reid has the most dreamy, powerful voice - it's like Florence + the Machine but with a darker tone. It's less bright and grainy and rather floats over the backing than hitting it head on. The guitars are very xx and the whole minimalistic feel is ethereal.
But that's not it! There's more!

Sam Berridge does a spectacular, raw cover of this song.
It's stripped down, emotional, and just reaches into your heart and latches onto the most solid, metallic, steel-like thing there and tugs, leaving nothing but spongy hammy bits listlessly bouncing around inside you. Something like that.
I'm pretty bad with expressing poignant emotion.


It also helps that his face is a rather fortunate one - it's always good to have something nice to look at when you listen to nice things.

So that's this week's Song of the Week. And now don't bully me about it being the wrong song - same song, different people!
Oh dear I've gone insane haven't I, old sport?
Yeah baby.


I'm really pumped for this 70s haul because I kinda wish I lived in the 70s or 80s. I guess that makes me a dweeb. #thedweeblyfchoseme

There was a point where I loved the 20s because I was going through this jazz phase and I adored flappers. But then society was mainly white and then the Great Depression was the decade after so I lost the idea.

It's just that in Sydney there's quite a few buildings with the period architecture and I love it - like the Niterider place in Homebush which you can read about here on one of my favourite blogs.

And then of course you have Newtown and the terraces scattered in Kirribilli and all around the city and whatnot. Obviously it's not all from the 20s - Enmore Theatre was built in 1908 - but the overall vibe and deco and atmosphere evoke lovely Gatsby-esque mirages. Also, the book is fabulous. I haven't watched the movie but all my friends are polarized on it. hm.

I did also want to live in the 1950s after reading The Help and fantasizing about wearing wonderful A-line dresses everywhere and I know that women were oppressed or whatever but come on, people. They got to stay at home and cook and muck around the house and play tennis and gossip with friends. Obviously they had no rights and it called for reform but I do not see what the issue with being a housewife is, if it floats your boat. But I backed out of my 50s girl idea soon enough.

The 60s was filled with heaps of social unrest and although there were fabulous ideas erupting out of the public I don't think I would like to be caught in the political and social crossfire. So the 70s and 80s are probably my favourite decades. Unless I can go back to Victorian England. Better yet, the Middle Ages. (I simply adore the Middle Ages, although given my flammable demeanour they would burn me at the stake.)

Moving on. I listen to radio which is pretty much all 70s and 80s music - this really suits me because I have all this great modern music from my friends and Youtube and the Internet and then I have these lovely old tunes to slide into the mix. My parents are huge 70s fans too so it suits us pretty well.

I've spent the last, what, 6 paragraphs, babbling on.

But don't go yet! I won't let you.
These Supernatural gifs keep getting better and better.


The disco era, the glam rock era, pretty much everything that we hate nowadays is from the 70s. Glitter, seedy disco, bell bottomed pants - just stop.
Here are my favourite songs from the 70's.

Outdated song number one: The Bee Gees - Night Fever

The Bee Gees are probably one of the most cringe-worthy bands out there -

 MY EYES - but I really quite like their songs. Their melodies are so spot on and they just waft around. I grew up listening to these guys (remember, I'm a dweeb) but the songs are so catchy with the melodies and harmonies and amazing chord changes and AH.
These boys really were musical geniuses and even though they weren't even born in Australia I find it hilarious how we try to claim them as Aussies. Dem Queenslanders.
But The Bee Gees are a hugely famous band - they've sold some 220 millions albums or whatever. They're so iconic, and for good reason too.
Their music is everywhere - TV shows (The Goodies, which I watched when I was tiny) and heaps of movies. It's also played at bingo clubs around the world, catering to the (extremely) lonely old ladies.
Here's one of their really upbeat songs, Night Fever (it was in that movie Saturday Night Fever):
and of course that bunch of morons over on Glee had to cover it. There was a time past where I actually watched that pathetic excuse of a show but then I got a life. sort of. not really. but I like to think I did.

Outdated song number two: David Bowie - Life on Mars?

So I love David Bowie and this is probably one of his most genius songs. It appears on the album Hunky Dory which was released in 1971 (the other well known song from the album is Changes, which is his most well known song and was actually featured in The Breakfast Club in 1985).
Life on Mars has a brilliant composition and fantastically shows off the piano as well as Bowie's amazing, familiar voice.
Some of you might be initially creeped out by David's Ziggy Stardust persona but come on. It's awesome.
Oh and don't be freaked out when the camera zooms in onto David's eyes - he had an incident in his adolescence which made his pupil permanently dilated.
And for a very different rendition, here is Fall Out Boy's version of this classic. It gets of to a very banal start but when Patrick pushes those strong higher notes you can see the beauty of the song and it's amazing. Hi vibrato is more of a vocal convulsion but when he just slips down the notes in the chorus it works.

Outdated song number three: Carly Simon - You're So Vain

This was the most brilliant song when I first heard it - the lyrics were snarky and clever and full of seething anger. My siblings for some reason adore the lyrics 'clouds in my coffee'. Strange, I know.
Carly has a really low register so it is a bit hard to sing along but the slow, lilting feel of the song just help the lyrics pack a punch. It's really catchy.

Outdated song number four: Carole King - It's Too Late

Carole King is Nat King Cole's daughter and it's interesting to see how both father and daughter are brilliant vocalists. This is a heartfelt song that just wonderfully showcases Carole's spectacular singing. I hear this song on the radio quite a lot and it's just quite fun to listen to.
And Carole has such cool hair. And that cat.

Outdated song number five: The Knack - My Sharona

Now this song probably sounds like a whole lot of waffle on the first listen - ddhdvpooefnfvijoioarjiofnj MAHHHHH SHARONAHHHHHHH ffsnoavnfshf   ddsfhu pos[30 v4\ c


But that's better than the real meaning. It's about raping a younger girl.

So this song is about violating a young girl. Lovely. But never fear! It's so simply constructed that it sticks in your ear for ages and ages.
It's not a good song per se, but I guess it's catchiness and the basicness of it all sticks. Like Ke$ha.
It was actually a massive hit although it is extremely creepy.

Outdated song number six: Boney M - Daddy Cool

I remember first watching this video as a wee bubby when the world still used the original Xbox and Pumpkin Patch was the coolest clothing brand there was.
The video really freaked me out when the man tore off his shirt and started dancing - his really low voice kinda just topped off the whole WHAT AM I WATCHING MUM.

But then I was really sad the other day when I found out that the man had died. He had grown on me through the years, like a wart.
I quite liked the ladies, because even though they were weird I was happy to settle with the lesser of two evils and women are pretty cool anyway.

Outdated song number seven: Elton John - Crockodile Rock

I'm having a bit of a spasm with the spelling of 'crockodile' but given that a man who wears a red suit, plays the guitar and wears oversized John Lennon glasses wrote the song, I don't see what you expect. It's catchy, corny and a plain lot of fun.

Elton John has become so iconic to the 70s for his amazing music that it is difficult to imagine the 70s and 80s without him. His career is so legendary. He has written the most fabulous (hehe, fabulous) songs and is so quirky and fun and I love him.

I always found his smile a bit creepy and all - he remnds me a little of a teddy bear, actually.

He wrote the spectacular music for the Lion King (which is the movie of my childhood) and my siblings were obsessed with that movie Gnomeo and Juliet which pretty much took every Elton song and just threw in some gnome terms and what not.

I don't think this is one of his best tunes - I really like Daniel and I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues - but I wasn't really bothered to hunt down other songs from the 70s by him :) I'm pathetic I know.

Dem glasses.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Tom Odell's new album is out. celebrate.

Oh my goodness dat blink :)


I'll hold you anytime, Mr Odell. Any time.

LOOK HOW HE WALKS IT'S AMAZING asdfhq09374r1c2r!fhiehgi#iudhof@ejfioevnqrupo

I have a slight obsession with him. HE'S SO DREAMY. I do not care that he's probably dating Miss Swift - laugh out loud jokes I'm completely ballistic. I can only imagine the carnage if they broke up - both of them have conjured careers out of painful, destroyed relationships. Tom's songs will be better than Taylor's by far.

Long Way Down is Tom's debut album after the public snapped up his Songs From Another Love EP. Another Love is his most well known song, although I love Can't Pretend more than anything else. Hold Me was an iTunes Single of the Week and Tom won a Brit Award for being so amazingly brilliant and awesome and for being spectacular.

Tom's style is bringing back raw ballads - think Elton John piano with really raw, Jeff Buckley-esque vocals and wrap it up with the most beautiful blonde hair. Tom plays piano. I play piano. We were meant to be.

I don't know how I am going to be able to marry Tom and Jake Bugg and Asa Butterfield, but then again I'm not known for being completely legal or sane.

So the album has the big songs (Hold Me, Another Love) which become so familiar so quickly. The opening track, Grow Old With Me, is so heartfelt and delicate, which really sets the mood of the album - having gone through heartbreak (or maybe having gone without food for an hour - that's heartbreaking), Tom wistfully reminisces on his failed romances.

Now this sounds lovely and all but for goodness' sakes - he's twenty something and can already write a whole album on failed loves? Actually I can imagine he's had heaps and heaps of girlfriends with that fortunate face of his. Sigh.

This album is amazing - there's exciting, rousing pop and there's softer, crumbling songs on troubled love. Basically the album is brilliant.

Here's a bit from the album - it's Another Love, which happens to be 'explicit' on iTunes although he only swears once? It's pathetic, seeing as Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons swears in the chorus which pops up every freaking thirty seconds and isn't labelled with a big ugly red E. Do not be put off parents (and prospective parents. Teens these days.)
So there we have Tom Odell's 'Long Way Down'. It is most definitely winding up on my best albums of 2013.


Saturday, 22 June 2013


So evidently I have heaps of music and I know a few songs here and there. But some of you might be interested in where I find my music. If you're not, then keep scrolling.

When a mummy song and a daddy song love each other very much, they...

Ok got a bit carried away there. But Kaya thinks it's funny!


Back to business. Ahem.

So I get my music from heaps and heaps of different places - I get them from my friends (yes they exist) and because they all have varying tastes I kinda get a bit from everybody.
Bands I got from friends:
The Paper Kites, Of Monsters and Men, Mumm-Ra, Pegasus Bridge, et cetera et cetera - pretty much every band I found in 2011 is from a friend or radio.

Which brings me to radio. I really like to hop between all these different radio stations - I used to listen to Top 40 but it's so trashy and boring. I don't actually listen to triple j that much - it's pretty much Sir Richard Kingsmill Overlord of Triple J or Tom and Alex. I always seem to miss the Like A Versions which are the only good things about triple j, really. Some of the acts are okay but others are simply despicable. I really like the oldies music station :) it's the only station that plays David Bowie and Queen and Heart and Blondie. I do listen to this really lame daggy station for relaxing pop music which sounds like it sucks when it plays Carpenters (who are really slow and boring) but they play lots of 70s and 60s songs like The Monkees and The Turtles and The Beach Boys. I also like the Christian music station with some of the really great rock songs - some are really exciting and they're all parent friendly, unlike the metal station. Hunt the Haunted is not a good idea with parents. Ever. Please do not try. Unless your parents are metal musicians. In which case, go ahead.

I also get Youtube recommendations and weekly emails which are really helpful. I also love my Insound newsletter which has such epic New Wave tunes. Some of the Youtube comments are great - they're hell as annoying when they sell themselves on other people's pages but some of these musicians are really great.
I love to hear covers of some great songs and also hearing the support acts at music concerts. I do love Soundcloud with its free downloads sometimes and Fingertips music which features free music. But really most of my music is found on Youtube or friend recommendations - Youtube does songs and friends do artists. I do get music from good soundtracks (Suicide Room had a good soundtrack) but yeah. Friends and Youtube.

I manage to hoard music from pretty much everywhere - Shazam helps me a lot in cars, taxis and shopping centres but I also like to just memorise short snippets from lyrics then type them into Google :)

I find new songs all the time but I just can't remember them right now because my sewing machine is broken and my laptop is running out of battery. So there.


It's the holidays now and thank goodness for that - Sydney is so ridiculously cold I cannot believe that we're supposed to be some land of deserts and sunshine. Oh, and drop bears.

I'm really looking forward to some pretty good days - I spent the whole of today just sewing and reading 1984 (Orwell is brilliant). I also won a Goodreads First Read (!!) and I think I'm just going to spend the rest of the week chilling. Although I'm a bit saddened by the fact that I'll spend the next three weeks reminded of how I have no friends.
Oh by the way my sewing machine has just had a bit of a tantrum and it's not working every time I press the foot down it makes this angry noise if any of you can help I will send you a cookie.

This week's song is 'The Rifle's Spiral' by The Shins.

First of all, the lyrics are so subtly crafted. Let's set this straight. It's such a melodic, cleverly arranged song with heaps of lovely layers and bursts of colour, yet it's about suicide bombers (it becomes startlingly lucid with the lyrics "you sublimate yourself").

This song sounds amazing blasted so loudly you can hear the bass and the throbbing that keeps it level while James Mercer so elegantly warbles on top. ah.

At the beginning and sporadically through the song there are a few rogue beeps and boops and blerps but who cares. It really adds to the otherworldy feel. Plus the album Port of Morrow is noted for its more electronic inclinations than the previous albums.

The music video for this song is really interesting as well - it's 3D animation.

Well that's enough from me. Here it is.

Sunday, 16 June 2013


So I've finally hit 50 posts! Yeah baby.

Actually it's not that big of an event I'm just looking for an excuse to use gifs. I read that you should actually have 50 posts in your first month so readers think you actually update your blog.
Nah you guys probably don't care and are just waiting for the music.

Back to business.
So given that it's the 50th post (I'm not going to shut up about it so just ignore me) I wanted to feature my favourite songs from the 60s.
Here goes.
Oh and these are not in any particular order so do not be alarmed when your favourite song is at the end of the list.


So the 60s are supposed to be this massive period of social reform, shifting paradigms and epic love explosions. Which was exactly what happened.
There is some really great music from back then but I like to consider them seminal inspirations to some of the really great songs of today which I will admit I prefer to some oldies. I know some music nowadays sucks but some indie is just so fresh and awesome. Anyway, I didn't like their haircuts back then.

Outdated song number one: The Monkees - Daydream Believer

The Monkees were a pretty good bubblegum pop band and I do quite like their stuff. Although I always get their band name mixed up with others' (seriously, all the bands in the 60s started with 'the'. Gosh.) Daydream Believer has those really nasally, bright tones (bit like an oboe) and it's such a cheery song you either feel really happy listening to it or suspect some kind of Truman Show/Pleasantville setup. In fact, when the lyrics 'homecoming queen' pop up in the chorus I'm reminded of  The Most Popular Girls In School. oh dear me.
they swear a lot. just a heads up.
But it's a great tune to bop to or just listen to. Davy Jones (no, not the zoidberg thing) was probably the most famous member but they all made amazing music - they wrote the song 'I'm A Believer' (from Shrek.)

Outdated song number two: The Doors - Light My Fire

So Jim Morrison takes a whole heap of shirtless pics and points at people. It doesn't matter because Light My Fire is a pretty good song.
Recently one of the Doors died (Ray Manzarek, the keyboardist) and we slipped into a bit of a Doors-themed nostalgia.
This is a really great song and if anyone ever plays it to me I will happily light their fire. I'm a bit of a pyromaniac.

Outdated song number three: The Beach Boys - I Get Around

I remember the first time I heard this song I was playing some fashion designer game on my Nintendo DS (I haven't seen a kid play with one of those for ages.) It was alongside quite a few old songs actually and all I could think about was how epic this track was. The Beach Boys are like a laidback barber shop choir who decided to move to Hawaii and record their tracks while sipping from coconuts.
It's a very fun song to sing and the verses are pretty cool. I can imagine throwing a 60s themed party and everyone joining in to the classically lo-fi, beachy tunes of The Beach Boys.

Outdated song number four: Animals - The House Of The Rising Sun

This is such a classic song with the most spectacular melody. You have probably heard it a billion times in your lifetime but it is honestly such a wonderful tune. I think every Gen X can play it or sing it somehow - it's become so iconic to the era like Twiggy. Gosh do I love Twiggy.
Even my dad can play this on the guitar.

Outdated song number five: The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby

What would the 60s be without these four lovely boys (and Stuart Sutcliffe)? The most iconic band ever, The Beatles are such brilliant songwriters and musicians and let's be honest they're probably some of the best secular musicians the world has known. I'm probably a Paul or Ringo girl but they're all really great.
This song is so cleverly crafted in that like many songs today it has quite a cheery feel to it with the lilting ahhhhhs and violins, but the lyrics are very different. The video creeps me out every time.
Probably one of my favourite song lyrics are in this song - 'wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door - who is it for?' and 'writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear'.
Actually when I first heard this song it was at night and I listened to it multiple times each Friday night at school and it's so haunting. Whenever I listen to songs I often picture the place I first heard it or where I listened to it the most. That place usually sort of reflects the song and I guess the utter desperation of being stuck in a school late at night somehow stuck with this haunting song.
I'M A LONELY PERSON AND I don't think you want to know where I came from, if you know what I mean.

Outdated song number six: Otis Redding - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

This song makes me quite sad every time I hear it, actually, because I cannot whistle. It's a catchy song and I find it oddly hilarious but I cannot whistle and therefore I am sad. It's a song you would listen to walking along a path or jetty by yourself while whistling and I'm sorry but I can't function.

Outdated song number seven: The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black

Now that we're nearing the end of the list I'm getting a little restless and not really bothered to write full descriptions for these songs but The Rolling Stones cannot simply be skipped. Pamikid Mcbugwigger forever. (Paul McCartney + Jake Bugg + David Bowie + Mick Jagger).
If you didn't know.
But Paint It Black is just such a great song with a sense of urgency and drive and then he sees the girls walk by in their summer clothes and HOW OUT OF PLACE IS THAT LET'S PAINT IT BLACK and this song could probably carry a lot of racist loaded statements but you gotta be a Rolling Stone about it and what drug are you on Naomie and I'm going to be quiet now.
Well I have some work that I have been hellbent on avoiding so see you later kids. Stay in school.

Friday, 14 June 2013


It's time for another Song of the Week guys! I'm pretty pumped because heaps of artists and stuff are coming to Australia and Sydney and I'm excited for pretty much everything.

Vivid Sydney was the other night and it was quite pretty although it was so crowded we were scared something scary (i.e. bombs) could go off and we would have nowhere to run. Um. But it was really great seeing people out on the streets (it was freezing though) and it was lovely knowing that we were a 'strong city with a homely sense of community' or whatever.

Bring Me The Horizon are coming to Australia and bringing Of Mice & Men and Crossfaith with them! And BMTH and OMAM and Pierce the Veil all won Kerrang! awards :) my lovely little ladies are all grown up now.

The Paper Kites are touring and they're at the Metro so I really want to go; fingers crossed! And nutritionist Lola Berry is also touring and she is such an inspiration.

Back to the song. I'm going old school (1980 I believe) and Bowie. this week's song is Ashes to Ashes.

It's such a funky, upbeat song and it's lyrics are so clever and Bowie is just perfect. I found this amazing photo and asdflhsdhfwhe the only thing that would make it better is Jake Bugg. #pakidmcbugwie or Mick Jagger #pamikidmcbugwigger

I MEAN LOOK it's perfection.

I love the electro intro and the almost hushed tones of David at the beginning. It's so good and the video is so progressive I'm dying to attach the link so here it is:


Is it just me or is every single musician covering Get Lucky by Daft Punk?

Sure, their new album is awesome. Sure, it's a brilliant song. Sure, they celebrated the Australian premiere with a freaking bush doof. But not everyone actually has to cover this song!

Same as that Bruno Mars jam, Treasure. On my email and Youtube playlists and goodness knows what all I have is 'Treasure cover', 'I do Bruno Mars' and 'Martian Luther Sing' popping up and I want to throwback thursday myself off a cliff.

It's Throw Yourself Back Into Your Mother's Womb Turdsday!
I really hate them. But back to these covers. Get Luckily for me, there are a heap of fantastic covers (the Isaac Evans cover and the Sound Of Seasons Treasure cover) and today I'll feature some of these.

Get Lucky - Daft Punk

This is a pretty good song by itself and it's great hearing those French boys rhythmically spasm again. Here are the top two covers I've taken a whole ten minutes to scour the internet for (hard work I know.) These versions are good enough for me to overcome my allergies to these songs. It's like semantic satiation but even worse because it goes for a whole three minutes.

Runner Up: San Cisco

These indie four piece are amazing. Their male singer Jordi Davieson is probably the Jordan Catalano of young indie hipsters nowadays. (I loved Jordan Catalano until Jared Leto had to release that new Thirty Seconds to Mars albums ewww more Mars songs Treasure is enough and ewwww album).

San Cisco have really had some fun with this cover and have created this awesome cover. It's their natural electro tone meets their cheery demeanour meets a heck of a lot of fun. I'll shut up now and you can listen.
aaaaaaand this was on Like A Version! My Sarah Blasko cover one was too :) it's probably the best thing about triple j because some of those unearthed acts should've stayed unearthed. Shudder.

Ah and I got this link from my wonderful friends at - it's also Amy's birthday tomorrow so go say something nice or whatever. Cool.

Winner: George Barnett

From the first, I don't know, five seconds of listening, you're hooked. It's so addictive. The beats are spot on and the keyboard is jazzed up and groovy and I almost danced except as we all know Naomie does not dance. It's more a graceful algospasm. In fact I have tried to come up with a frumpy dance move each day and I've turned up with some very, very odd ones. Please do not press further.

George's singing is perfect - short and snappy and energetic. Please listen.
So there you have the Get Lucky covers. I wouldn't even bother with the original - these covers are way better.

Treasure - Bruno Mars

This is the only song I like from Bruno's new album (yeah go ahead and shun me mates) but at least it's a good song. It's got a catchy melody and it's plain fun to sing. Although these guys sing it better.

Runner Up: Sezairi Sezali

This act has such a cool name and although this cover isn't anything too out of the ordinary as such, I still think it's great. I do really like the Sound Of Seasons cover but it would make more sense to just feature a wider variety of music on this blog.

It's still pretty good! Listen.

Winner: DC Wonder

DC Wonder's new album Limitless is a pretty good album for you dance fans out there but this cover is just great. Their bass player is brilliant and not to mention hilarious. This video is cute and I've never actually seen a dance/techno act 'live' - kind of just performing their music before. It's great.

And so that's the end of these Get Lucky/Treasure covers! I've been going through a lot of covers lately and I'm excited to get back to originals. If you have any suggestions of blogs, songs, albums, Youtubers and movies please comment :) till then adios.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


So I'm too lazy to sleep and instead I like to blog. Right. Tomorrow morning I will wake up looking like I was an extra on the Walking Dead.

Here are some lovely covers that have probably circulated round the Internet more times than I've woken up half dead.

Too Close - Shannon Saunders (Alex Clare cover)

This is a great song per se. But the way Shannon sings it makes it seem even more raw and yet nuanced and you can tell she's got great control over her voice. The guitar gets a bit boring but I frankly do not care because she's brilliant.

Hey Ya! - Sarah Blasko (OutKast cover)

Now this has been recycled around triple j and iPods everywhere but that doesn't make it any less bad at all. It's a wonderfully stripped back cover of that hilarious track and Sarah's voice could make even Nicholas Sparks sound good.
Sarah is a really great artist, both songwriting and singing and you should really check out her stuff. But here is an example of her brilliant innovation and epic singing voice.

Treasure - Sound Of Seasons (Bruno Mars cover)

This is a pretty cool track by itself (what's cooler than being cool? ICE COLD wait wrong song) yet these guys somehow manage to make it even more awesome. I went to one of their gigs and it was such a great night. They're hilarious and full of energy. I might feature some of their stuff actually and not to mention their merch is spectacularly cheap and I think they're awesome. I really should feature them actually...
Oh I'm not bothered to write full analysis of the songs because I'm tired and how do you even analyse a cover really

Heartbeats - José González (The Knife cover)

This cover of the song is much more well known than the original because it's generally a little more accessible - it's a wonderfully acoustic cover and when the bass notes of the guitar ring you melt a little inside. The lyrical content is so intimate and beautiful but José's delivery is spot on - it's not mumbled but definitely not spat out. It's like honest, reluctant whisperings. And his guitar playing/arranging has really just hit the nail on the head.
Actually José is quite well known for his covers of not as known songs so everyone thinks it's his song (LIKE SKINNY LOVE AND BON IVER AND BIRDY don't get me started if you even think about it I will hunt you down and eat your yoghurt. And I like yoghurt.)
And also he did a really sweet song with Ane Brun called 'Worship' which is on her album.

There's tonight's... TODAY'S COVER FEST I should sleep. K bye.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013


It is extremely exciting to write yet another blog post and to get all your lovely comments  (ahem, three comments) so in the spur of the moment I will blog another Music Haul. Woo!

Hm I'm a bit sleepy right now but seeming as I think music is better than sleep, I don't really care. Note: I'm a terrible role model. Blogging instead of browsing the internet instead of doing homework instead of sleeping? I really need to sort out my priorities. STAY AWAY KIDS.

1. History's Door - Husky

So I've loved Husky since I read about them in a music magazine (speaking of which, I should do a short post about how I actually find my music!) I have loved them. With their clever melodies, beautiful dissonants and Boy & Bear-y meets Half Moon Run vibes you can't help but love this song.

I love the slightly offchops guitar intro but when the OOOs come in at 0:32 it's all lovely and surreal and ahhhh and then when the chorus chimes in at 0:50 I want to jump up and cry because the lyrics and the melody is simply perfect. The seamless blend of the guitars, piano, light drumming and the haunting vocals with the simple but interesting melodies and chord progressions are just brilliant and tremendously spectacular. I'm listening as I type and I think I'm addicted. I seriously listen to this everyday.

Sure it's 2011 and they're from Australia and you triple j fanatics will probably come ramming down my door with your drumsticks and hipster glasses and satchels and a battering ram made of some vegan ovine (not sure how that works but ok) but this is seriously such a great song.

2. Girl - Beck

The catchy bleep bloops at the beginning of the song seem quite innocuous and cheery and all, and when combined with Beck's talkish singing it feels like a summery feel-good tune. But when the bass comes in playing a funky bass that really highlights the chords it's more edgy. The chorus is singalong happy and all and yippy yay yay.

turns out the song is about killing a young girl. Queue Poryphyria's Lover!

There is actually widespread debate over whether Beck is singing 'my sun-eyed girl' or 'my cyanide girl' which pretty much lends itself to the incongruous ambiguity of the whole song. It's hella cheery but the lyrics are dark. me likes.

3. Atoms - Debbie Neigher + Tidelands

The simple melody and chord pattern of this song makes everything seem so sad and depressing which it should because it's about a divorce. The short piano interludes make everything so much more melancholy and then when the B section comes in (it's sort of a chorus but not really) and I end up bawling internally.

yes people I am weeping inside world y u no nice
When Debbie comes in at 1:26 with her version of events (think Gotye/Kimbra 'Somebody I Used To Know' -  Debbie actually sounds a little like Kimbra sometimes) it becomes even more beautiful. I can imagine this being recorded in a small greenhouse by the sea at twilight with the singers in separate rooms clutching Kleenex to their chest while the other sings their verse.
The lyrics are the most poignant heart-stirring things I have heard in while. 'This is not the dream that we agreed on our wedding day.' CRYCRYCRYCRY I'm not even married why am I crying

Turns out it's not on Youtube so here I've linked the SoundCloud where you can actually download this for free :) score!

4. Cameo Lover - Kimbra

Speaking of Kimbra, let's get an upbeat track from her! This is such a fun song, and even though it's oh so complicated and all it is funky and fresh. The chorus is catchy and the video is so cool (I suspect Zooey Deschanel channelled Kimbra in her 'I Could've Been Your Girl' video) with Kimbra bopping around in a pink dress with yellow frills and a tambourine. Have I mentioned that this girl is stunning? She's pretty and (superficial moment beware) and her pins are quite perfect. And that voice is spectacular.
To think that Kimbra, or anyone for that matter, could've written this song is phenomenal. In essence, IT'S A GOOD SONG.
All the musical themes explored are so interesting and ahh I love it when it hits 3:07 and the 'open up your heart momomomomahs' start. It's musical genius.

It was amazing I know.

Hm I think four is a good number for these hauls because at five no one ends up listening to all of them. That's this Music Haul, folks. Stay cool (or hot, depending on how nice your face is.)

Sunday, 9 June 2013


I am glad to announce that we've hit the tenth Song of the Week!

That should be enough. And oh my goodness Matt Smith. WHY MATTHEW WHY
???!!!!!! Blues Clues was indeed such a great show - I remember watching Hi-5 on VCR (yup, you heard correctly although I'm surprised at your age you still can hear) and snippets of Blues Clues would come on and I would salivate in awe of this astonishingly sentient dog. GIFs are so awesome you kind of have to include them in everything. But Matt Smith.

So this week (today, actually!) the Triple J Hottest 100 of the past 20 years was announced and Oasis' 'Wonderwall' won. It's a brilliant song although I recently heard it slaughtered by the Backstreeth Boys and the croaky voices of pubescent teenage girls. Yeesh.
But the Hottest 100 is pretty good and I was thankful to all the musos of Australia that the horrific Thrift Shop (2012 #1) did not make it onto this list. Quite a terrible song (in my opinion though, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion as a constitutional right and we don't have Thought Police and free speech equality expression free food whatever. I do not care.) I was absolutely ecstatic that the lovely Wombats scored a #74 with Let's Dance to Joy Division (epic title, no?) because they're perfect and yes. Let the love tear us apart. Also, Joy Division are/were quite a good band and even after Curtis died New Order is addictive and more accessible (though I'm not sure if that's a good thing. Meh. Also, I have a penchant for parentheses and hyphens.)

This week's song is 'When I Call (Bicycle)' by Edward Turner. It's a melodic, heartfelt tune and I love the softness of it. On one of Ed's personalised EPs he wrote 'Listen to me in the dark' and I think it's so true - the Night EP is perfect nighttime listening while staring at the stars or in a quiet section of an aquarium or just chilling by the fireplace in your logside cabin in Alaska (in which case I want to be you so badly.)

'When I Call' has a soft, gentle opening which launches straight into the verse and intimate lyrical content ('being back home's like an aeroplane - full of strangers and faces that I can't name) with the most poignant Sóley-esque chord change that just melts me every single time. (I think it's a subdominant chord while the note sung is the dominant.) But then I get let down each time because I think it's about to progress to this even more amazing chord but then it returns to the tonic and I become a sad girl. Still. It's an amazing song.

I love the video because he can ride a bike quite well. Not to mention Ed has a nice face. AND HE WAS IN PEGASUS BRIDGE GUYS. The setting is idyllic and stunning while back home in 'straya we have drop bears and coldish winters yet no snow.

So here it is! And I will accept any food of congratulations for successfully hitting ten songs - I honestly did not expect to get this far at all, so kudos to all you readers :)

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Ok so I'm obviously not so dumb as to not realise that I'm not churning out a song each week. Rather, I blog when I discover a really good song, or when I have a bit of time. Either way, you lovely readers get new music. I don't see why you would complain.

So this week's Song of the Week is a poppy, crisp number from Foals, 'My Number'. It's energetic and full of fun - quite a good dance tune as well. It's from their new-ish album Holy Fire (which I am very late in blogging about but frankly I do not care) and it's a very good song.

It's rather catchy and the guitar/keyboard riff sounds a bit like that song Popcorn. Foals are from the UK and their singer has a beard and I guess you would say they're indie but really I'm here for the music. yay music ^_^

Hm I could launch myself into a long analysis of the song but I'm not bothered. I'll just give you the song. Cheers.

Saturday, 1 June 2013


Ok, ok. I know my last Song of the Week post was Cub Scouts' 'Told You So' but upon rigorous re-listening I have decided that their EP is definitely one of the best I have heard. And when I was young, the Dead Sea was still sick.

There's a few albums that I really adore and while there are some stellar songs out there it is not often that I listen to the album and cry when it's over. Seriously. I love these albums. It's weird because I've found that some songs sound better in the whole album. It's like a bunch of friends - together you all fit happily.

This is perfect. If you follow my Instagram you would've seen it nevermind back to the albums.

There's a few albums that I can honestly say are so amazing. Alright, they're not as life changing as I've made out and chances are they're not even the best but just the ones that I really enjoy right now that I can remember so here are some really great albums you should definitely consider listening to or downloading.

1. Told You So - EP - Cub Scouts

So I've made my point with the song 'Told You So' but really it is a tremendously spectacular debut EP. The sounds are fresh, fun and brilliant. Tim Nelson's voice wafts over the songs yet Zoe's singing is highly deserving of an OH MY GOLLY GOSH. Together, they're Hi-5 amazing. Tim is such an amazing singer but the whole band is so cute and just wow I think my lexicon deserves a little kick. Oh dear.
But really. The EP is so perfect when played in one go. It just seems such a well thought out piece of work with a really fun vibe, especially 'Do You Hear' - the vocal melody seems innocuous but strangely hell bent on resisting resolution. I love it so much it hurts. 'Evie'
'Scream' is a beautiful composition, with the churchy, haunting tone at the start which leads to a rather sad chorus with a driving drum but minor aura which makes it sound like wistful reminiscence. When it all picks up with the more upbeat second verse and such I don't know I just feel like I should be staring out a window into the rain in a random house with a cup of tea. I'm ready for your bite.
This same feel is carried through to 'Light Me Up' which is even more sad and slow. It should be on some really sad drama soundtrack or something. Even so it's still a fantastic song. Slow sad songs are often really wonderful songs.

2. A is for Alpine - Alpine

This is an astounding album - when I first heard it I was smitten. Love at first listen. Phoebe and Lou's voices are so brilliant, singing in harmony above the clever guitars and bass. The chordal progressions are ingenious with artful dissonants and just wow. It's such a fresh noise with its airy qualities yet it still has ground and drive. In 'Lovers 1' and 'Lovers 2' the guitars are like the vocalists - not really virtuoso but clean and really lovely. I've already done a review of these guys so I might leave it there but it's a really amazing album.
Listen to 'Too Safe', my favourite from the album. I said 'Hands' was my favourite a while ago but seriously this is even better.

And the album cover looks like tennis courts. Oh yeah. Win.

3. The Wombats Proudly Present... This Modern Glitch - The Wombats

These guys helped me stick through 2011. Ignore the fact that I heard about them on an episode of 'The Circle' (DO NOT JUDGE). This is such an awesome album - I love all the songs except 'Anti-D' and 'Girls/Fast Car' (I told you to stop judging) which I only like. Everyone likes Anti-D but I find it a bit dramatic. Either way the album is so amazing I mean sure it might be a little suicidal nihilistic and sassayy but frankly it is such brilliant music I don't know how you couldn't love these little idiosyncrasies. They're such exquisitely written songs... no they're not.
I have reviewed these guys already but really, The Wombats are some of my favourite artists ever.
The entire album sounds really good when you listen in one go but here is my highlight, Jump Into The Fog:
Nihilistic? Check. Good song? Check. PERFECT? Check.

4. X&Y - Coldplay

A lot of critics have said that this album doesn't live up to its predecessors but honestly I find it poignant and the best album. The organs and piano make it all so sad and slow and beautiful and I don't know how to sum up this album. The tone is less rock-y than Parachutes and even though Coldplay probably pinched most of the riffs from other 'inspirations' I love the song. Frankly, the only song I've heard borrowed is 'Talk'. Oh yeah and 'Princess of China'. But still the tone of the album is so lovely - it sounds like the ocean's waves collected and played on a record. Of course there's the 'Fix You', covered ad nauseum, but 'White Shadows', 'What If?', 'Speed of Sound' and 'Twisted Logic' are really great songs.
Here's one of my favourites from the album, White Shadows:
The guitar is amazing in this album.

4. While We're Young - Pegasus Bridge

I've reviewed this album and its songs before but it's brilliant and they split up and BOOHOO. It has the most fun vibe ever and it sounds amazing loud. The music is perfect to dance to but it's not those mindless electro things out there that sound lke long distance dial tones having a seizure. Ed Turner has an amazing voice and even though it's a bit iffy in the acoustic versions at the end of the album this band is probably one of the best ever. Yay Pegasus Bridge.
Here's While We're Young, one of my favourite songs.

5. xx - The xx

The xx are such great musicians, especially with their minimalist style. Seriously, they're amazing. Even though their new album Coexist is not that great at all (more like The zz) xx remains one of my favourites. It works melodically and all but I love the two guitars working together in harmony (literally). The tunes are memorable and catchy but the abstract lyrics keep you hooked.
Although some people find them a bit boring, I love them.
Here's one of my favourites, Crystalised:

Hm somehow I have subconsciously done my top 5 albums... No. I lied. I'm just too lazy to go on and I'm worried I'll bore all of you anyway so there. Adios.