Thursday, 30 May 2013


I've been away from school and home for a few days now but somehow I've come down with some ungodly virus or other and have lost my voice. Ugh. Now I have lost my voice and I can't record anything for Triple J until I get it back, which could very well be a long time.

Luckily for all of you readers out there, I can still type!

This week's song is a Triple J Unearthed song and the video is so Australian it hurts. I can imagine this being played at some indie bush doof while people play the c, s and f words (cricket, soccer and football. I promise I won't say them again) and drink Cottee's cordial and eat TimTams and fairy bread. The song is 'Told You So' by Brisbane band Cub Scouts.

The piece has such dreamy, ethereal vocals, yet the bass line and guitar twerk work to ground the song. The melody is great and the chorus is oh so catcy. Honestly, whenever someone says 'told you so' or even 'told' I break into song like it's Annie or something. Although I am honestly allergic to 'Tomorrow'.

I think I would really like to see these guys live, or see them at some kind of festival. Even as a support act. I remember a friend told me she went to a concert just to see the support act (her mum knows the girlfriend of the drummer of the band of the support act) and then they left. Actually quite a few of the concerts I've been to people do that. Bit of a waste, really. Music as a general rule is awesome.

So this video is perfect because it has Bubblegum Bills and a Mighty Ducks jersey and a curly dog. Need I say more?
Honestly this is my favourite song from their album even though everyone is always raving about 'Do You Hear' and 'Evie'. I think it's just easier to remember and as a general rule that constitutes how good a song is to me.

And as we can see in the video, when you knock over somebody's ice cream you face a Cuboom and retribution from the girl's band in the form of Angry Berries.

Saturday, 25 May 2013


It's another Music Haul and I'm here again to bring you some cracker tunes.

Straight in, shall we?

1. Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias

So some of you may be a bit iffy about the title of this song, paired with the fact that it's labelled explicit on iTunes. But never fear! The word is never dropped in the song and they're a Swedish band so it probably doesn't mean what we think it does. I still find it hilarious.
It's such an energetic song, though!

2. Empire Of The Sun -  We Are The People

In preparation for their highly anticipated second album, I thought I might have a song from their tremendously spectacular album Walking On A Dream. We Are The People has a great acoustic guitar backing track but my favourite part is the sort of bridge - different chord progression and a more complicated melody. I love it.
It was amazing. Although Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore went a little bit overboard with the costumes.

3. Electric Light Orchestra - Don't Bring Me Down

It's the 70's and you're bopping in your car with your poofy hair and bell bottomed pants (shudder). This song recreates those old vibes and your parents can probably sing along (I know mine can). It's a fun, driving song that it a lot of fun to dance to with friends on old movie marathon nights. Oh, and it was in that alien movie Paul.

4. Panic! At The Disco - The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage

Their debut album, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, is infamous for it's extended song names that have nothing to do with the songs. This song has genius lyrics and a melody of an interesting composition. What, however, grabs you the most is the energy and movement you can sort of sense in the song - have a listen.

5. Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

Imagine Dragons have a spectacular 'big band' sound that you could imagine being blasted from every household in the world then bouncing off the ozone layer and reflecting everywhere. Basically, it's a very big sound. When you listen to Radioactive, you can imagine it being sung by everyone in the stadium at the top of their lungs and the electricity in the air buzzing around you. I love the song way too much.
Only problem with it was that it was used in the ads for 'The Host'. Ugh.

Well that's this Music Haul! Yay

Friday, 24 May 2013


It's that often forgotten time of the week again and I am here to feature another great song! Actually there's so many good songs and since I keep throwing new/old songs around the place things get complicated. I actually make a Top 5 playlist on my phone as well as the normal listening playlist so I have a lot of musical weighing up to do. Or I could just do another Music Haul.

Ugh I feel all bloated like an overstuffed sheep because I made dolmades and they're so weird yet somewhat addicting:

It's me.

So this week's Song is quite an old song - okay not really. It's soooooooooo 2011 though.

It's 'Best Of Tomorrow' by Trial Kennedy.

Trial Kennedy are a raw, rough Aussie garage rock band but they broke up last year or so because of finance or something annoying like that. The song is a melodic, anthemic number with a brilliant vocalist - Tim Morrison - and it's a great song. The tune is catchy, especially the chorus, but it's not annoyingly catchy. It's fresh, kinda sounds Australian and is just a great song to listen or rock out to.
I know. It was good, wasn't it?

Enjoy your song. I'll probably have a small Music Haul lined up for next week :) any song requests, please comment! Till next time.


So last post I mentioned that I have a few favourite YouTubers that I would love to share with you guys. Most of these people with no lives do vlogs and stuff so yes. And I have a strong bias towards English accents.

So the YouTuber I'm going to blog about today is the beeeautiful KickThePj, or PJ Liguori, or Peter Jasper Liguori. He's brilliant, funny, talented, British and plain awesome.


Pj's videos are hilarious and random and I just love the way he does these random twenty-second clips. It's quite complicated actually without showing you a video of his spectacular brilliance so here it is (don't worry I'll pick short videos):
Oh dear it was so corny it was hilarious. Although when his eyes went red he looked like some demon or C'thulu figure.

He also is a singer-songwriter thingy or other and there is something about it that makes you want to explode with happiness and ARGH

Actually his album (which contains the song Happy Birthday (?)) was released on my birthday so I am superbly excited whenever someone plays it or mentions Pj - OH MY GOLLY GOSH HIS ALBUM AND SONG WERE RELEASED ON MY BIRTHDAY AND THE SONG IS CALLED HAPPY BIRTHDAY IT MUST BE AN OMEN WE'RE MARRIED I JUST NEED HIS AUTOGRAPH TO TRANSPLANT IT ONTO A WEDDING DOCUMENT

I'm sorry. Continue.
Wait, I'm the one continuing. Continue.

So there's heaps of videos that he's done, and with the other three of his little posse (Crabstickz (Chris), AmazingPhil (Phil) and Danisnotonfire (Dan)) they are the best British YouTubers. And JacksGap. I think you can sort of see my line of British YouTubers.

So I might do another of these features so you guys can see the other brilliant YouTubers I subscribe to. Or you could just stalk my YouTube. Where was that occasional stalker I found the other day?

On another note, thanks to everyone who has read the blog or passed it to friends/strangers/captives, and thanks for commenting! It really does mean a lot to me :) I'll be away this weekend and given the way my week looks probably not on till Friday.
So to all of you lovely people out there:

Also applies to cyborgs, Venus flytraps and sentient pets.

So long, boys.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


So I came across this diagram that sums up everything I am:

and I realised that I'm a bit of a geek. Not hipster. Geek.

I also remembered what I left out in my Bubble and Squeak post from Monday - my favourite YouTubers. I might cover them in separate posts - I have Songs of the Week, Music Hauls, Cover Fests, Bubble and Squeaks and now Reeling Stones! Whew. I might have a Tube post soon - remind me by sending out a hot air balloon with my favourite actors and musicians in it and a Great Gatsby sweater. Also, my favourite lollies are Peaches and Cream and those banana things. They're pure deliciousness omnomnomnom I actually don't make that sound when I eat.

So my Reeling Stone posts (yes, it's a terrible pun. Neigh the horse be with you.) will be about some great flicks that I've seen. It's not really a movie review, but more like a movie rambling. Basically I'll talk about some fun films I've seen while you point and laugh.

This first Reeling Stone is on the short film Scenes from the Suburbs. It's quite a cool number from Arcade Fire - their concept album The Suburbs had a music video for their lead single 'The Suburbs' relating to this short film. Look, director Spike Jonze hooked up with Arcade Fire and they made a short film to go with the great album, with the album as the soundtrack.

It's a really good film about life in the suburbs, only if you lived in a world where suburbs were like countries - militant and segregated. There's a bunch of teens growing up there and behaving like good little morons like they should. It focuses on protagonist Kyle (he's a bit of a dork)'s interactions with his group of friends, including best friend Winter. Things start to unfurl and fall apart when Winter's brother comes home from a different suburb and this changes Winter until Kyle just doesn't know who he is anymore.

Scenes from the Suburbs is a really great coming-of-age piece, giving an insightful lookout into the cultures in society and just peering into a random teenager's life. Only he lives in a mobilized system and has a crumbling social group.

I absolutely adore the charaacters - Kyle is so relatable through his inaccessibility and the processes and experiences he has. And the cast perfectly pull off that casual disregard for authority that teens have, yet when it comes to crunch time their sensitivity is turned on and you can see their young vulnerability. Kyle is amazing. Winter was pretty cool at the end of the film but at the horrific diner scene I wanted to bash him up with a chair. And the party scene when they all just looked at each other made me want to cry. WHY CAN'T THEY JUST FORGET WINTER actually it's an extremely accurate representation of teenagers.

Here it is. Oh yeah. I watch some of my films on my phone so you should be able to watch these for free on your computer/PC/Mac/phone/iPad/iPod/newfangled gadget.

Scenes from the Suburbs (Short Film) from rocket science shorts on Vimeo.
Arcade Fire presents Scenes from the Suburbs, I posted this video intended only for viewing purposes. I do not own any part of this work.


So yeah. I don't own anything and I will report copyright to the nearest responsible adult. Whatever.

This is a short film (30 mins) but look out for the soundtrack - Arcade Fire's warbling is exquisite. Listen for the song 'Suburban War' - it's brilliant.

I know that you guys probably don't have too much time to just watch these movies so I won't post them often - maybe some weekends and holidays. I just want to share these really cool flicks with you all :)


Monday, 20 May 2013


This will only be a short bubble and squeak post because I have a bit of work to do :( and also because I have had such a boring week that there is nothing much to write about.

Let's go.

1. Great Gatsby Sweater

If you have read a few relevant posts, you will know that I am a great fan of The Great Gatsby especially with the Baz Luhrmann adaptation coming up. I also am a huge fan of Modcloth so you can probably imagine the carnage when I saw this for sale:

Oh my goodness. This is my life. More than anything I know. MY LIFE IS A LIE.
This is my shining beacon of fire, the reason for living. I have not known existence until now.

You can picture me tearing out clumps of my hair when I found out that the best deal for this sweater is around $40.

Why must my life be so hard?

Any donations will be kindly put towards a fund for the charitable dressing of girls in warm, well-rated jumpers that demonstrate literary prowess.

Turns out the guys who make it have an epic Great Gatsby online game and a whole heap of awesome stuff so I know exactly what I am getting for Christmas in July. That's right. Nothing.
Check them out here. I love absolutely everything in this store.

2. Generationals - Ten-Twenty-Ten

This is a really great song that sounds like it was whisked out of some trippy 90's bush doof somehow held in the States. Basically it has a really old vibe and all but the tune is just brilliant. The vocals are a bit like a rougher, less refined Tame Impala but the guitars give the song guide and drive.
It is amazing, I know.

3. Teacup Candles

So of course this is from Martha Stewart dot com, but this project looks stunning, channelling shabby chic and DIY at the same time.
Martha Stewart

This one is from Grace Sheppard's website. I liked the candle colour.

4. Ashkenazy

Being the music nerd I am, the other day we went to the Sydney Opera House to see Ashkenazy conduct Beethoven's Pastorale (as well as the Grosse Fugue and Triple Concerto for violin, cello and piano). It was the first time I really enjoyed classical music, and to hear the oboist's solo made my night. Basically it was awesome (a word probably not commonly associated with Beethoven). Ashkenazy was a pretty great conductor and the Sydney Symphony was spectacular (as always).

Yes everybody I am a dork. I'm surprised it took you simpletons that long to work it out.

5. Cupcake Cones

I love to bake. I'm a tremendously better baker than I am a cook. It seems that when I cook I make a huge mess (not that I don't make one when I bake) but my mum's cooking is always better so I don't bother having to clean up when I make a second-best meal.
These are quite old news but I still adore how cute they look. It's my friend's birthday tomorrow (yes, I have friends) and although I don't have time to bake these I thought these would be pretty cool for a birthday party.

 I can't shake the feeling that I have skipped something - I was about to write point 6 but the thought fleetingly disappeared from my mind and now I am sad. That's this Bubble and Squeak, folks.


So another week has rolled around and we're prepared to hear our next Song of the Week!
I was talking to a friend who reads this blog recently (yeah, she rocks) and she actually listens to the YouTube videos I post. That surprised me quite a lot but made me feel all warm and fluffy and fuzzy inside.

She happens to be a massive fan of old music and 60's stuff. I love the 70's and 80's quite a bit but 90's and 00's music is are my main waters. Maybe just 00's music. And this decade I've been pretty pumped about the music coming out.

So she said that she really liked my post with Jake Bugg - he does sound like Mick Jagger. I was going to pick a song that sounded kind of old and jaded but still somewhat fresh (to get her into new music that's just as good as the old stuff) but I thought I might pick a favourite of mine.

I often say that the reason mainstream music is so boring and generic nowadays is that all the good songs (cracker tunes, if you're reading this, Joe) were created decades ago. I actually have a listening playlist on my phone with all my favourite songs all meticulously arranged and a Top 5 list - I know, I'm a music dork.

Guster - Satellite

This is a personal love of mine. The otherworldly, warbling scales in the introduction set a really spaced-out feel for the song, and the catchy melody and chorus just add to the mood.
I know this one has been circulating the Internet for a while - Ganging Up On The Sun was released in 2006. It's still a fresh song that I listen to when I stargaze or whatever I do.
It's such a great song to sing along to so anyone willing to jam, you know where you can find me. Hint: on the floor with a hobo somewhere. It's what I do. •~

Speaking of which, Triple J Unearthed High is coming up and I have a song written for it. I have no idea how to record it though because I don't have GarageBand or whatever and my guitar is a super crappy one that I can't hook up to a computer. And of course, my voice is rather unfortunate.

So that's this week's Song of the Week! Any song requests, song recommendations or just plain ramblings are welcome. I will probably reply unless you're some spammer. Be prepared.

Friday, 17 May 2013


So there's a heck of a lot of good music out there (old and new) but it makes me quite happy when I find a great cover of a great song. It's like when you go to a cafe with an even more delicious version of your favourite food or drink or CAKEEEEEEE

Here is a small collection of some really great covers I've scoured from the depths of YouTube and Moria to bring to you today.

1. 'Get Lucky' - Isaac Evans (Daft Punk)

I stumbled across Isaac when I was looking for different versions of Lucy Rose's 'Shiver'. His cover with a loop pedal was simply brilliant and I am quite obsessed with him now.

This cover of 'Get Lucky', an awkward song to sing with your parents, is fun, energetic and pretty cool. Isaac uses loop pedals quite a bit in his covers but it sounds amazing.
Isn't it amazing? Moving on.

2. 'Walking On A Dream' - Imogen Kars (Empire of the Sun)

This is a lovely cover of an epic song. Empire of the Sun are really fantastic songwriters and I'm so excited that they're releasing an album that wasn't planned - they broke up. Now it sounds like they were married and have a kid now =_=
But it's truly beautiful. I think it's awesome.

3. 'Flightless Bird, American Mouth' - Lorna Rose (Iron & Wine)

This is an okay song by itself - I personally find it a bit slow and only nice in the chorus with the harmonies and instruments and all that jazz. But Lorna's cover, a folky guitar affair, is raw and beautiful and has drive and all but it still captures everything good about the song. She distills it until it's pure and asdfjdskljfasho
It was perfect I know

4. 'Settle Down' - Level (Kimbra)

This is one of my all time favourite songs. There's heaps of production, yes, but it has such a strange quality to it that you can't help but love it. Kimbra's voice is heaven.
This cover is an a capella cover (only voices, although there is clicking) and it's as varied and unpredictable as the original. Fun.

The man singing bass has such a low voice ohmygosh.
So there's four different, but awesome covers! I want to poop here - wait, I want to do another of these cover fests. They just don't seem to fit in with Song of the Week, although they do sorta suit Music Haul. Whatever.

Thursday, 16 May 2013


This one's a little bit different in that it's just going to be random gifs I have managed to steal off tumblr and what not. Let's go.




Vincent van Whoa

TRIPPAYYYYYYY. Vincent van Whoa.








Sickest Candle ever.

It’s like the olympic closing ceremony…

funny story about these, i had a red one on my birthday and everyone was like “wow this is the coolest fucking thing ever” and it plays music and all that, but when it came to actually eating the cake and taking the candle out, there was no off switch, so we had to smash it to pieces in the back garden to shut it up. turns out if you smash it up the music box still works. when i was in bed at 3am i could hear something so i opened the window, and it sounded like a tune you would hear in a horror movie before someone gets their body ripped to shreds and eaten. sleep well munchkins. you dont want this fucking thing.


i love how every single time i see this there’s a new horror story about this candle

And I still want one

There you go. GIF heaven. Thanks to Emma for the gifs because apparently she's awesome?


OMG. This is my life.


So I (worryingly) figured that my blog probably says more about me than, say, I would be able to tell them in the space of the minute they are likely to give me.
I had the brilliant idea to share a cloying thought I had the other day on... friends!

Friends are pretty epic things to have, and to be. To be or not to be... let's leave it there.

Actually I don't even know what I'm saying now but I personally think that the friends who stick with you are the ones that you actually choose to be friends with, rather than being forced under the circumstances.

For example, I would end up being better friends with someone I met on the internet (creepy, I know) than someone I made friends with in Year 7 because we were in a project together. The person I met on the internet - I didn't have to make friends with them, but because of a shared interest we could actually fuel exciting conversations. This is opposed to the random friend I made through circumstance, who was my friend because she was nice. But that's about it, and we'll probably never speak again after we graduate.

And the cool thing about making a friend through common interests is if they live overseas or something or other, when you go on holiday or even move there you know someone cool :) unless of course they've been stalking you the last five years, in which case I suggest you say that you're looking for someone else.

Of course there are some people who are really close to you even though you met them because they lived next door to you, or went to your school, or were betrothed to as infants. And as time goes by, you'll either drift or become more similar and stuff will either work out or just dissipate. That is perfectly fine.

I just think that the greatest friends I've ever had shared so much with me - some of my friends are almost carbon copies of my personality. Obviously you're going to be slightly different. That would be weird. But when you see snippets (or massive chunks, depends) of yourself in people, you can't help feeling like you know this person already - probably because they are a little bit of you.

But there will always be those people who hit the jackpot and have a whole bunch of people around them who they can relate to (personality wise) and are all popular and stuff. Or they could just be good actors.

Now I'm not saying you should ditch all your friends and look for yourself on the internet (although that could be rather epic, having massive chat sessions with like minded people!) but I guess just have a little think. Which of your friends are situational friends? I know I have heaps because I go to a pretty small school and it's hard to not be friends or at least acquaintances with everyone. But I can honestly say that some of the people I've met that reflect me, whether through personality, humour, experience or all of those things are the friends that I will remember until memory loss sets in.

Friends are nice. Like a warm pizza in your lap. Or a fire in winter. Or taking a perfect picture.

Sunday, 12 May 2013


So I've been quite a bit busy this week sewing pencil cases for friends and all and I thought I might share some pictures with you guys.

I didn't take too many photos because I was feeling extremely lazy but I made two sizes and I have to say that it's pretty fun. I actually have to go cut some more fabric and all so I'm on a bit of a schedule. I hate schedules.

I used this extremely helpful tutorial by Dining Room Drawers but I've adapted it to make it quicker and I'll use a bit of French Hemming soon.

Here are some lovely pictures for you guys! I was thinking about selling some on Etsy or at The Rocks Markets but honestly I'm not trying to make too much money. Rather, I like sewing pencil cases but can't see the point in keeping heaps around the house and I need to keep buying more zips and stuff so yes.

It took me longer than I thought because the sewing machine had a little bit of a temper tantrum. At least we sort of managed to fix it...whoops.

Sewing, sewing, sewing....

I love this newspaper fabric so much. Seriously.

And yes, that is David Bowie music in the background.

So there you have my pencil cases! If you know me in person (lucky you!) then you can just ask me for one or something or other. Cool.


So of course I have been extremely disappointing with my Songs of the Week. I've just been so caught up with all this homework and sewing and plain procrastination.

Raven Vandelle - Breathe

This week's song is 'Breathe' by Raven Vandelle. These guys are from England and their drummer, Tommy Gun Lynam, is Pegasus Bridge's old drummer. I'm so sorry I have to go cry their memory is too painful.

I'm back. So this is a really quite rock-y song and the slow tempo drew me in quite quickly. Sort of.
The guitar intro actually doesn't really have anything to do with the rest of the song but when the vocalist starts singing you are either hooked or you're not human. The melodic structure is quite nice and his tone is spectacular. And the slightly offbeat chord thrown in a few lines later makes it all rather nice.
The chorus is quite different actually from the verses with its powerful distorted guitars and different melody style but I don't mind too much. Personally I prefer the verses. But really it's a great song. Actually, towards the end, during the bridge, the vocalist takes on a bit of a Dave Grohl vibe and they sound a little bit like the Foo Fighters.

Really they're a great band, but my friend seems to think that they're not better than Pegasus Bridge. They're completely different - it's like comparing a hunk of cheese to a microwave. They're so different but I like both. Being the weird loser I am, I follow them on Instagram. Laugh all you want.
So that's this week's Song of the Week (finally!)


Ok so this will be a rather strange blog post about the people I love that happen to be famous. I might divide this into a few categories but because I haven't really thought this out I'm going to wing it and see what kind of crazy babbling I come up with. Enjoy.
Also given that my tastes change quicker than a celebrity marriage don't come up to me in a month's time and try and discuss these guys with me. I won't know who you're talking about.

Famous People over 50:

Old people are pretty cool. Sometimes. Often when they're famous they're either itching for attention and trying to knock off their grandchildren or just aging so gracefully that no one cares until they kick the bucket with their horribly arthritic joints.

Runner-up: Aung San Suu Kyi

Of course I had to have someone inspirational in here. Although there is a distressingly little amount of inspiration in these younger generations. Deborah Harry is pretty inspirational but she's too brilliant for this list.
Aung San Suu Kyi is a famous freedom fighter, spearheading democracy in her home country of Burma (or Myanmar, depending on how pedantic you are.) She fought non-violently against the cruel rule her country was under and has had to endure severe repercussions. She's been under house arrest for almost fifteen years and has only recently been released. But she is still a major figure on the political stage! Basically she's awesome.


Winner: David Bowie

I was trying to decide whether the Bowie or Paul McCartney should've won (neither of them are deserving of second place) and I figured that David is just too spectacular. I mean WOW how can one person be so unique and epic and mind-blowing and subversive and intriguing and still age relatively gracefully? And not to mention he's an AMAZING singer so yeah Bowie is brilliance. To think that Nirvana's cover of The Man Who Sold The World is thought to be an original is a bit saddening, really. Angsty teens become deluded angsty teens when Bowie probably holds the key to all that is divine.


Famous Women under 50:

Let's face it - women rock. And famous women who are famous for something really great (not flashing your chest or titillating men). I absolutely love these guys, uh, girls.

Runner-up: Astrid Bergès-Frisbey

This lovely lady is STUNNING. She has that fresh faced, innocent look, yet still seems so nuanced and composed and was amazing in The Sea Wall and ARGH she's so perfect.
She's Spanish but she speaks French and Spanish and Catalan. Seriously. She's perfect. Not to mention a rather good actress. HOW CAN ONE BE THIS AMAZING?! Her facial structure is apparently extremely desirable (that's what one of my friends said.) I probably sound pretty superficial right now - her appearance, 'perfect' - but YOLO imma swag it out with ma ratchet homies in ma gold Trans-Am.

Winner: I actually have no idea.

There are so many fantastic young women in this world that I can't pick. So here is a nice collage.
If anyone can guess all/some of these lovely ladies, leave a comment below!!!

Famous Men under 50:

Runner-up: Jakub Gierszal

Jakub's name isn't actually written like that (he's Polish). I just don't know how to do the accents. He's a brilliant actor and his presence just fills the screen and watching him is fantastic. He's a seriously good actor. When he comes onto the screen you are just captured like a lobster in a skillfully constructed lobster trap. That didn't come out quite right. But he's so mesmerising and of course his performance in Suicide Room (trust me, it's not as bad as it sounds) was so captivating. Of course Sylwia was amazing but WOW. Jakub is brilliant.

Winner: The Wombats

Obviously they're not wombats. And there's three of them. But they are all so spectacular - Murph the Most 'Mazing Man, Dangerous Dan the Drummer, and Tord the Terrific Over-Lord Knudsen. I know. That was pun-nishable by death. Or possibly death by pun-soining. You guys are no pun.
These three boys make the most brilliant music - their lyrics are quirky, witty and somewhat suicidal. No relation to Suicide Room.
I've featured a bit of their music on this blog but I admire them so much and I hope that one day I will be able to see them in concert and possibly throw myself at their feet weeping and cleaning their sandals with my hair. Somehow.
Oh yeah Cherub Bivouac Mincey is the wombat out the front. The one with the hairy paws.

Famous Kids:

Runner-up: Chloe Moretz

Chloe is stunning and such a talented girl. She has had heaps of really great roles (Kick-Ass, while controversial, was astonishing). Not to mention that her head is rather lovely to look at. How can someone be so perfect? And as I've mentioned before (scroll down to the section about Birdy *shudder*) even though she's young and all, I still don't think age should play that major a role in whether you like someone or not. Just because they're young doesn't make them more special than some other actor or musician in their twenties or thirties or sixties (I LOVE YOU DAVID BOWIE). If you really want to hear my rant, click on the link. If not, continue on.
She is stunning.

Winner: Asa Butterfield

My undying devotion to this boy extends even to his awkward music. His soundcloud <DISTANCE>, is something to be desired (at least for me) and his Teenage Dirtbag cover left me somewhat disoriented. Even so, I think he's the most spectacular person to turn 16 this year (April 1 is one of the best days of the year.) I love him so much - he's a talented actor and since he's been acting since he was tiny it's epic watching him grow up. He was rather adorable as a child but with the onset of puberty his voice has lowered to the extent that I need earphones to listen to it. I don't care.
Speaking of which I think I was obsessed with Freddie Highmore and Josh Hutcherson when I was younger until I realised that they are both now adults and all that jazz. It seems that when child celebrities hit 18 I lose interest in them. Hebephiles freak me out.
Being the wholesome, responsible girl I am, I have come up with a probably unoriginal nickname for my favourite boy in the world - (apart from my brother. My brother is pretty cool, but I bet that when he hits his teen years he'll become some introverted hipster and we can go to concerts together) - Ass-a Butt-erfield. Most dignified, I know. •~
I don't actually think he's that attractive but he's so spectacular at acting and asdfghjkl I think I'm going to explode.
So there's the celebrities I adore. Of course there's a lot more of them but it seems that I can't seem to draw them out from the clutches of my mind and of course there are those that are dead (Frida Kahlo you're amazing.) And also because I'm too lazy. Excuse the horrific grammar.